Over the past few weeks, Lori and I have been bombarded with questions about our thoughts on the corona virus. And rightfully so. With the fear and concern over the safety of ourselves and our loved ones and with so much shifting information, we felt compelled to address the elephant in the room.

So in this episode, we shift gears away from fat loss and talk about how we are personally dealing with this health crisis. We share our daily routines that help boost our immune systems so that we are better prepared to fend off the virus and to stay healthy.

We opened the show with the disclaimer that neither one of us know enough about the virus to claim that we could treat or prevent covid-19. Quite frankly, we are seeing that nobody has a true grasp on such a novel virus. This seems to be were the biggest issues about protection stems from. So the one thing we can do is to do our very best to control the things that we can control, including what we put in our mouth.

One of our biggest defenses against this virus comes primarily through our diet and supplementation. It is imperative to eat foods that nourish our immune system and not hinder it. So, of course we discuss the role of sugar and how it suppresses our immunity. We also dive into some of our favorite supplements that have helped us fend off sickness in the past.

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