Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch with Natalie Gensits!

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Copy is Key to Kickstart and Grow Your Business

Bring Out the Why Behind What You Do


Natalie Gensits Notable Quotes

“You can write really awesome copy, but that alone isn’t going to convert. That’s not going to get you the paid clients that you’re necessarily looking for. I’ve determined that what you need is client-focused copy. And what that means is you really have to focus on your ideal client and know who you’re speaking to. That is the biggest difference in having copy that actually converts.”
Natalie Gensits

“Your elevator pitch is also called your purpose statement, your mission statement. It’s letting people know what you offer and your why behind it.”
Natalie Gensits


Episode Summary

As health coaches who want to put ourselves out there and make ourselves known, one of the things that we overlook is the importance of how we get our message across: what we’re doing and the why behind it. And this is where copy and great copywriting comes in.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to wellness content writer and writing coach Natalie Gensits to shed some light on how we can come up with good copy by taking a look at our own stories as well as zeroing in on our ideal clients to come up with an excellent elevator pitch to get more.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Natalie Gensits (01:06)
  • Health coaches having difficulty differentiating themselves (03:15)
  • Natalie Gensits, writing, and copywriting (03:56)
  • What is copy and why is it important? (06:21)
  • Tips on zeroing in on your ideal client (08:03)
    • Take a look at yourself and your own story (10:10)
    • Take a look at your clients (10:50)
  • How deep into your ideal client should you go (13:38)
  • Tune into your story and the why behind you’re doing what you’re doing (16:11)
  • The steps Natalie Gensits would suggest to someone starting out their online business (16:42)
  • How a health coach can tailor an effective elevator pitch (18:52)
    • Your elevator pitch is your mission statement (20:28)
  • How long is an elevator pitch supposed to be? (22:45)
  • An elevator pitch for every situation (25:55)
  • Fine-tuning your ideal client to fine-tune your elevator pitch (26:33)
  • The service that asks the highest demand from Natalie Gensits (30:24)
  • A lot of talk about the lead magnet (31:43)
  • What an up-and-coming health coach should do with starting out their online business (33:32)
  • Omar’s difficulty in social media (37:00)
  • Get help if you’re finding difficulty with any aspect of the business—you can even try bartering! (38:15)
  • Parting words from Natalie Gensits (39:40)
  • Where to find and get in touch with Natalie Gensits (40:52)


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