Success stories from my clients
I started working with Omar about five years ago. Omar truly cares about his client’s wellness, which is apparent through his gentle coaching style. 

Sometimes I can not even believe the number but with the help of Omar’s life changing coaching I have lost over 80 pounds. 

While that is a feat, I am most proud that I have stopped yo-yo dieting and have been able to maintain that weight loss while continuing to achieve more fat loss over the past two years.  

I started this journey with Omar to “lose weight” but with the help of his coaching I have more importantly become the healthiest I have been in my life.

Michele D'Ambrosio

I attended a nutrition class with Omar. During his presentation, I was so surprised to hear that many of the foods that I thought were healthy and good for me were actually sabotaging my weight loss and health goals.

I learned what foods were good for me to aid in weight loss, how to eat, when to eat, and what foods to remove from my diet.  

I had also been having health problems and his suggestions got me on the road to feeling better overall. Also, once I introduced his suggestions into my weight loss regimen, I immediately started to see the weight drop and continue to drop.  Omar is also very motivating when it comes to diet and exercise. You can’t go wrong with Omar!

Josephine Trovini