Profit With the Power of Pinterest with Kristin Marquet!

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Digital Marketer Kristin Marquet Sheds Light on Pinterest! 

Why Should We Health Coaches Get on Pinterest?


Kristin Marquet Notable Quotes

“The most important thing to remember is being an entrepreneur takes a lot of patience, a lot of research, and you gotta deal with a lot of BS.”
Kristin Marquet

“There are so many different topics that fall within the health coaching realm that yeah, you can absolutely target just about anybody and get clients.”
Kristin Marquet


Episode Summary

As health coaches and entrepreneurs, getting ourselves out there is crucial to growing our business—yes, that means coming onto platforms and maximizing our visibility and digital footprints through them. One such platform that I, personally, have trouble wrapping my head around is Pinterest.

Luckily, in this episode of Health Coach Academy, we have PR and digital marketing expert Kristin Marquet of Marquet Media and FemFounder on the show today to shed some light on Pinterest and make it less intimidating to dive into.


Relevant Links

Kristin Marquet – Website | Pinterest | Instagram | Twitter

FemFounder – Website


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Kristin Marquet (01:15)
  • Kristin Marquet and digital marketing (04:48)
  • Kristin the magician: the struggles and how she overcame it (06:18)
  • What is Pinterest? (09:25)
  • What should a health coach put on Pinterest? (10:45)
  • Do you need cool graphics to maximize the potential of your Pinterest? (12:13)
  • Do you need a graphic artist for your Pinterest? (13:18)
  • Pinterest and getting started (14:17)
    • Setting up your bio (14:35)
    • Organize your boards (up to 30 boards!) (16:35)
  • What are boards? (17:50)
  • Pinterest and posting frequency (19:20)
  • Who’s on Pinterest? (21:05)
    • Finding your target clients: keywords, boards, and pins (22:25)
  • Why Kristin Marquet thinks the conversion is better on Pinterest versus anywhere else (25:05)
  • Should all health coaches be on Pinterest? (26:44)
  • Using Pinterest for lead generation to drive traffic (27:56)
    • A lead magnet is also a content upgrade (32:18)
  • What is a tripwire and how can Pinterest be a source on that? (33:18)
  • You don’t need a ton of followers on Pinterest (35:52)
  • Kristin’s best client success story on Pinterest (37:17)
  • How and where to find Kristin Marquet (39:58)


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