The Secrets Behind Community-Led Growth

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Communication is Key to Connection

The Most Difficult Part is Consistency


Notable Quotes

“The key summary of the two most important learnings if you want to be an entrepreneur—number one is communication—everything from convincing your wife…to convincing customers to convincing early employees to convincing the media to convincing podcasters to convincing investors—it’s all communication. And a lot of people don’t realize this, but if you can’t communicate, you can’t connect with people… ”
Lloyed Lobo

“Consistency is the key ingredient that turns small actions into big outcomes. You want to get better at anything? Just do it and do a lot of it.
                                                – Lloyed Lobo

“Everything great is on the other side of risk, uncertainty, and pain.
                                                – Lloyed Lobo

“Fall in love with your customer and make them successful beyond your product or service. If you build a community, you won’t become a commodity.”
Lloyed Lobo


Episode Summary

How can a product or service get adopted so well that it acquires a cult following? The secret is a different, more hands-on kind of marketing: community-building. And that community you build can be your and your business’ most significant asset.

“If you build a community, you won’t be a commodity!” Says Health Coach Academy’s guest, Lloyed Lobo, who drills down the importance of building a community around you and your brand. An entrepreneur, podcast host, and solid community-builder, Lloyed has also written a book on the role of community in turning obscure ideas into enduring companies.


Relevant Links

            Lloyed Lobo – Website | LinkedIn

From Grassroots to Greatness: 13 Rules to Build Iconic Brands with Community Led Growth by Lloyed Lobo (2023)


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Lloyed Lobo (01:12)
  • Lloyed Lobo’s origin story: who he is and what he does (04:31)
    • What is entrepreneurship? (07:50)
    • The best skill path towards entrepreneurship (09:03)
    • Learning about marketing and community from Hubspot (11:50)
  • Communication is key to connection (12:18)
  • Consistency is key to turn small actions into big outcomes (14:04)
  • The three key learnings to success (14:52)
  • Recognizing the need for hard work and constant improvement (16:08)
    • Everything great is on the other side (17:52)
    • Bet on the skills to carry you into the future (19:52)
    • Breaking the status quo (20:20)
  • The community-led growth model and how it applies to health coaching (23:23)
    • The 4 things that-obscure ideas-turned-worldwide-phenomena have in common (26:00)
  • The DNA for serving others (28:10)
  • Find an underserved niche and identify their pain points (31:15)
    • Map the circle of influence around your underserved niche (32:34)
  • Building an audience through content creation (34:18)
    • Start bringing people together (35:45)
  • Bring the community together to help & support a cause (36:58)
  • How Boast created their community (37:29)
  • Lloyed Lobo’s parting words (43:43)


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