Protein is the Priority with Dr. Ted Naiman!

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Burn Fat by Eating Protein! Dr. Ted Naiman Tells Us How

The P:E Diet and How We Can Leverage Protein and Satiety


Dr. Ted Naiman Notable Quotes

“I learned early on that all of these diet religions is right about something. They all have a grain of truth that’s totally correct…what you really want to do is to siphon off everything these diet religions are right about and just discard all the rest—the dogma, the infighting, and the us vs. them. And that’s really what I aim to do with this book that I wrote.”
Dr. Ted Naiman

“Weight is a horrible metric. Waist circumference is a million times more important to me.”
Dr. Ted Naiman


Episode Summary

There are a lot of diets that restrict you about what you can eat, what you can’t eat, what you should eat, and what you shouldn’t eat. Here’s one that’s a little bit more flexible…as long as you prioritize eating proteins and minimizing refined fats and sugars.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to doctor and co-author to the book, The P:E Diet, Dr. Ted Naiman, to expound on this protein to energy ratio way of eating and how satiety works its way in there.


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The P:E Diet: Leverage Your Biology to Achieve Optimal Health by Dr. Ted Naiman & William Shewfelt
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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar’s e-book cookbook: The Art of Sugar-Free Cooking: Recipes for Healthy Living (00:22)
  • Lori introduces the episode’s guest, Dr. Ted Naiman (01:30)
  • Ted Naiman and his transition out of vegetarianism and back into a diet with protein (04:06)
  • Transcending the dogma and religion of certain ways of eating (06:18)
  • The P:E Diet, protein to energy ratio, and unpacking what eating really is (08:06)
  • Focusing on protein on every meal to leverage that satiety drive (10:48)
    • The protein dilution in modern diets (12:28)
  • The mechanism that promotes satiety with adequate protein (13:05)
  • Are all carbohydrates bad? What does The P:E Diet recommend? (14:28)
    • Low-carb carbs and high-carb carbs (17:48)
    • Watching out for high-card carbs (19:05)
  • Getting the low-fat fats and going against what keto says about it (20:20)
    • Eating proper keto to gain the benefits (21:30)
  • Ted Naiman: carbohydrates are essential to life, eating carbohydrates isn’t essential to life (22:30)
    • The problem with never eating carbohydrates (23:05)
  • Burning fat: focus on eating protein (23:55)
  • Saturated fats, health, and how agriculture loaded everything with fat and energy (25:27)
  • Training our bodies appropriately to sculpt the body (30:58)
    • Waist circumference is the best way to tell how you are in the visceral fat department (32:32)
  • What a typical P:E meal looks like (35:23)
  • What a cheat meal looks like (38:02)
  • Getting enough protein as a vegan or vegetarian (41:00)
  • Where to find and get in touch with Dr. Ted Naiman (44:18)


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