The State of Metabolic Health

Cate Shanahan, This Podcast Burns Fat

The Truth Behind Metabolism and Getting “Hangry”

Cholesterol, Seed Oils, and Heart Health


Dr. Cate Shanahan Notable Quotes

“Our whole culture is basically designed to funnel processed food to our bodies and keep us away from real nutrition, or even understanding what real nutrition is.”
Dr. Cate Shanahan

“The simplest way of defining metabolic health I would say is the ability to burn body fat between meals. If you can do that, then a lot of stuff is going right in your body.”
Dr. Cate Shanahan


Episode Summary

So many products today that are marketed as “healthy” actually only lead us to deteriorated health. But it’s not our fault. We were taught that eating this kind of food or that kind of food was the way to go to keep ourselves healthy. Lucky for us, there are professionals who are working tirelessly to pull off the veil and show us what proper nutrition looks like.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to New York Best Selling Author, family physician, and biochemist Dr. Cate Shanahan to walk us through the ordeals our bodies have to go through when we fuel our bodies with polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) found in seed oil.


Relevant Links

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The Fatburn Fix: Boost Energy, End Hunger, and Lose Weight by Using Body Fat for Fuel by Catherine Shanahan M.D.

Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food by Catherine Shanahan, MD.

Food Rules: A Doctor’s Guide to Healthy Eating by Catherine Shanahan


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. Cate Shanahan (01:08)
  • Identifying the importance of nutrition in overall health (06:20)
    • Weston A. Price and revolutionizing nutrition (09:48)
  • What is metabolic health? (12:40)
    • What is metabolism? (13:55)
    • “Hangry” and determining metabolic health (14:58)
  • Epigenetics, not genetics (16:09)
    • Miseducated about nutrition (17:30)
  • Why keep doubling down on things that don’t work? (18:40)
  • The types of fuel our bodies can run on (21:40)
    • Just how terrible seed oils are to our bodies (24:42)
  • Omega-3 vs Omega-6 ratio and oxidation (26:03)
  • Distinguishing the different types of hunger (31:20)
    • The good appetite (32:02)
  • Is it enough to cut off the unhealthy oils from our diet? (35:25)
  • Is cholesterol bad for us? (42:40)
  • The effect of sugar on heart health (47:28)
  • Modern fat is sick fat (48:18)
    • Can supplements help mitigate inflammation? (51:08)
  • The first steps to take back health (52:25)
  • Where to find and get in touch with Dr. Cate Shanahan (56:07)


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