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This Episode’s Guest: Sandra Halling

Sandra Halling is a “recovering” corporate consultant turned anti-hustle, pro-equity productivity coach who is dedicated to helping heart-centered entrepreneurs, passionate academics, and mission-driven professionals find harmony between genuine self-care and getting stuff done. She is a systems expert on platforms like Notion and Airtable but her real priority is helping you develop better work habits by achieving Aligned Productivity — that is to say, aligning your work with your values so you feel calm, confident, and can prioritize what matters to you.


Sandra Halling Notable Quotes 

“There are moments where we need to focus on strength and there are moments where we need to focus on flexibility. And it really is about picking what we’re going to focus on and getting ourselves to shift gears later.”
Sandra Halling

“I would really encourage you to adopt that self-compassion to say; every action matters, every step forward matters, and I’m going to acknowledge every one of those actions and steps forward.”
Sandra Halling

“There’s sort of a productivity muscle that we can strengthen by allowing ourselves to have just a little bit of structure in our day and using that structure to create clarity about the bigger picture goal and then tying our daily actions into that bigger picture goal.”
Sandra Halling


Episode Summary

Getting into that continuous flow of productivity can be a daunting task. Sandra Halling has some great ideas about how to see procrastination in a different light and how to get into that flow of productivity and can keep it going.

In this episode Sandra talks about a few great tools you can use to get your health coaching career started, from ways to get your voice out there to efficient ways of getting your business running smoothly.


Relevant Links 

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Tools mentioned

For websites:

WordPress – Website

Squarespace – Website

Wix – Website

For Contracts and Payments

Paperbell – Website

Coach Accountable – Website

CoachVantage – Website

HelloSign – Website

DocuSign – Website

Stripe – Website – Website

Airtable – Website


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Sadra Halling (00:37)
  • Sadra talks about how she got into health coaching (02:44)
  • Sadra gives her thoughts on productivity (03:52)
  • Is there such a thing as balance when it comes to productivity? (04:45)
  • How did Sandra come up with the concept of Harmony with productivity? (06:29)
    • Why it’s important to reflect (08:23)
  • How does this apply to both large and small businesses (09:10)
    • Sadra gives an example of creating the structure or self-check-ins (12:20)
  • The best way to get a business moving in a better direction (13:20)
    • A different kind of celebration and when to do it (14:08)
  • What is Aligned Productivity and what does the program provide? (16:20)
  • Sandra talks a little deeper into procrastination (20:00)
    • Turning a big task into smaller ones (22:02)
  • What platforms and systems can help health coaches (23:56)
    • Specific tools for your business websites (26:47)
    • Why does SEO matter? (27:51)
    • Tools for contracts and payments (29:31)
  • How can people reach Sandra Halling? (32:55)
  • Where to expect the Aligned Productivity course? (34:27)
  • Why you should avoid all-in-one applications (36:12)
  • Closing remarks (37:44)


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