Reed Davis Explains Why Health Coaching is the Profession of the Future!

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FDN Founder Reed Davis Shares Some Business Advice 

Health Coaching Opportunities Abound!


Reed Davis Notable Quotes

“They smell a rat as soon as you try to sell anything. So you don’t sell—you compel. And what compels are stories.”
Reed Davis

“There will always be people who show up if you invite them. You can’t have a party if you don’t invite people, so you just have to get good at inviting people.”
Reed Davis


Episode Summary

Thomas Edison once said something along the lines that the doctor of the future would not prescribe medicine, and instead would focus on nutrition and health and prevent any need for prescribed medicine. Does that sound familiar to you?

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) to share the massive need for health coaches today and how health coaching is a profession of the future.


Relevant Links

Reed Davis – LinkedIn

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition – Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

Interested in Learning More About FDN? Click Here!


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Reed Davis (01:06)
  • Health coaching as a profession (02:47)
  • Reed Davis, health coaching, and FDN (03:18)
  • Explaining what a health coach is (06:53)
    • Thomas Edison and the doctor of the future (07:28)
  • Combating the Amazon mentality of getting instant results (10:55)
  • Reed Davis’ course and the access to the labs (13:07)
    • The true healing opportunity (14:10)
    • Not dabbling into the physician’s backyard (15:02)
    • Once the patients are out of the woods, it’s the health coach’s turn (17:00)
  • How to get ourselves out there and get clients (18:48)
    • Just going out to talk and give lectures (20:25)
    • Four critical parts of a workshop (23:18)
  • Reed Davis and limiting beliefs (25:05)
  • Charging for services and why health coaches have difficulty in getting a fair market value (28:33)
  • Why there aren’t more mega-successful health coaches (30:08)
  • Three reasons why businesses don’t make it (30:30)
    • Flimsy organizational structure (30:35)
    • People fail to set goals (32:40)
    • Planning (34:26)
  • Has Reed Davis always been good at planning? (35:05)
  • FDN’s health coaching business model (36:22)
  • Untapped opportunities other health coaches can take advantage of (38:18)
  • The “weirdest place” Reed Davis saw health coaching thriving in (40:52)
    • No affinity with the potential client? Don’t work with them (43:52)
  • Where to find and get on Reed Davis’ FDN program (44:55)


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