Reframing the Pitch with Dr. Irena Kay!

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Mindset is the Key 

How Our Businesses Can Thrive in the Pandemic


Dr. Irena Kay Notable Quotes

“I think most of the coaches probably choose their field based on their own journey—where they have been, where they are now, and the knowledge and experience they gained along the way. And they want to bring that to other people, and tell them, ‘look, I’ve been there. And I know what to do for you.’”
Dr. Irena Kay

“I think the most important any health coach can do for their client is to work with the mindset. [The clients] have to have the mindset to want to do something for themselves because it’s either they don’t trust you, or they don’t trust themselves.”
Dr. Irena Kay


Episode Summary

In these trying times, one thing that would help us hold on and push through is to keep our immune systems healthy. But that goes beyond the physical aspect of it—we’re going to need a sturdy mindset. Not just to keep us sane, but to help our immune system as well.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to Dr. Irena Kay of Ultimate Success Mindset to talk about the importance of having a good mindset to get us through anything, not just this pandemic, but anything in life as well.


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Ultimate Success Mindset by Dr. Irena Kay – Website | Facebook | LinkedIn


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Dr. Irena Kay (02:45)
  • Irena Kay, who she is and what she does (05:12)
    • Law of attraction coach and neuroscience (06:53)
  • It’s important to have your own niche (09:42)
  • Knowing the ideal client (10:38)
    • When and how Dr. Irena Kay found her niche (11:57)
  • Getting allergies and getting rid of them (13:27)
  • Irena Kay’s advice for health coaches (16:58)
  • What physicians would look for in health coaches (19:42)
    • Your work doesn’t have to be your passion (20:30)
  • Client obstacles with money (23:06)
    • Realizing the difference between an expenditure and investment (24:20)
  • Another thing behind a good immune system (27:53)
  • How to strengthen the mindset to strengthen the immune system (29:20)
  • Where to find and how to get in touch with Dr. Irena Kay (34:05)


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