Basic Marketing and Reputation Management for Health Coaches

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Online Reviews are Gold for Health Coaches

Marketing Expert Jennifer Thompson Teaches Us What to Leverage


Jennifer Thompson Notable Quotes

“I think reviews and making sure that your information is correct online are more important than anything else that you could do…if your digital footprint isn’t that clean, then everything else is going to be off.”
Jennifer Thompson

“I’m not saying one time to spend money on advertising or anything like that. I’m saying to invest your time and your energy into building a brand. That brand is going to be the way that you’re going to put your best foot forward. And you’re not going to have to market yourself because your clients are going to market it for you. And they’re going to do that through what this beautiful thing called the internet.”
                                                – Jennifer Thompson


Episode Summary

In the age of the internet, how can we effectively market ourselves to grow our business? Should we focus on social media and get all the likes and followers we possibly could? Or should we put out as much content as we can so we’d pop in more searches?

In this episode of Health Coach Academy podcast, marketing expert Jennifer Thompson tells us about the number one things we should leverage to build out not just our brand, but also our credibility: getting online reviews.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Jennifer Thompson (01:50)
  • Jennifer Thompson and her passion for business and marketing (03:35)
  • Jennifer’s marketing skills that helped kick off the business (05:12)
  • Has the marketing landscape changed in the last 20 years? (06:25)
  • Reviews and making sure all your information is right (08:48)
  • Likes and followers are just vanity metrics (10:25)
  • What to look at to capitalize on in the future (12:20)
    • Jennifer’s best recommendation is to Google yourself (14:10)
  • Claiming your business pages and profiles (15:00)
  • Getting online reviews from your clients (16:28)
  • Where health coaches should focus their marketing capital in the beginning (19:06)
  • Focusing on The One Thing (22:55)
  • Five ways to get a big return on investment with a small budget (24:08)
    • Make sure your digital footprint is clean (24:30)
    • Have a website (24:52)
    • Come up with a content strategy (and focus on video!) (25:22)
    • Build an audience via social media (26:57)
    • Ask your clients to leave you reviews (27:17)
  • Doctor clients that work with health coaches (28:15)
  • Where to get in touch with Jennifer Thompson (30:50)


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