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Say Yes to New Opportunities and Roll with It

Authentic and Honest—That’s the Way to Be


Joe Pardo Notable Quotes

“You have to be caring. You have to be really invested in not only your own health, obviously, but in other people’s health, other people’s well-being, other people’s best interests.”
Joe Pardo

“When it comes to the actual, ‘How am I going to be the most successful at what I’m doing,’ it really starts with you. Especially the coaching business because it’s you. You’re selling yourself, you’re selling your knowledge, you’re selling your ability, and your ability to help somebody else get to be where they want to be.”
Joe Pardo

“It’s making sure this is what you really want to do. Because if you don’t want to show up everyday for those people, even on the days when you don’t want to show up and do the hard things, and it’s not fun for you, people will see through that. They feel that, and they’ll have an opinion on that. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll hear about it, and if you’re not lucky enough, you won’t hear about it until it’s too late.”
Joe Pardo

“You’ll always constantly be learning. If you’re not learning, you’re not growing, and if you’re not growing, then you’re dying. And that’s why it’s so important to people to make mistakes and to work those confidence muscles in the areas that are important to you.”
Joe Pardo


Episode Summary

Whether you’ve been a businessowner for a while or a new health coach fresh out of certification, we have one thing in common: we want a framework to work off of to help us get one step closer to success. So what is the secret key to get us up there with the clients we want while working the schedule that we want and making the income that we want?

Lucky for us, in this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to businessman and profit grow strategist Super Joe Pardo to share with us that secret key that’ll take us and our health coaching businesses to the next level.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Joe Pardo (01:10)
  • Joe’s story and why they call him Super Joe Pardo (02:42)
    • The fall out between Joe and his father (03:58)
    • The Dreamer’s Podcast (05:23)
    • Coming back to the family business (06:48)
    • Super Joe Pardo (08:40)
  • The most important aspect of a health coaching business to be profitable (10:20)
  • The key framework to success (16:31)
  • Open yourself up to new opportunities (19:10)
  • Going with the unexpected audience (24:13)
  • Building up the confidence to get yourself out there (28:10)
  • What’s Joe Pardo listening to right now? (38:02)
  • Influential people in Joe’s life (44:53)
  • Where to find Joe and keep up with what he’s up to (47:04)


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