Spermidine: The New Anti-Aging Solution

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Purpose Will Push You Forward

Upregulate Autophagy with Spermidine to Boost Cell Detox


Notable Quotes

“Inflammation is usually opposite of autophagy. As this internal cellular cleaning process (autophagy) increases, inflammation decreases. As we improve the cells’ ability to clean itself, we get longevity.”
                                                – Don Moxley

“My purpose isn’t just to stay alive. My purpose is to thrive.”
Don Moxley

“Fitness is the physical capacity to enjoy the life you’re given. No one takes a picture of a scale and hangs it on a wall. What you put on your wall, what you define yourself by, are the trips of a lifetime, the events you go to with your family.”
Don Moxley


Episode Summary

In this podcast, weight loss isn’t the only thing we like to think about—we also like to focus on longevity, delaying aging, and staying on top of our health as we grow older. And one thing that can help with that is a naturally occurring polyamine called spermidine.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to Director of Science and Brand Development, Don Moxley of SpermidineLIFE to share what exactly spermidine is and all that it has to offer for us.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Don Moxley (01:46)
  • Don Moxley, Director of Applied Science and Brand Development at Longevity labs (04:23)
  • Longevity and the three ‘thirds’ of our life (05:17)
  • The important things to do for the third slice of our lives (06:37)
  • Rocks to delay and compress morbidity (07:38)
    • Exercise to move, not to lose weight (07:48)
    • When you eat versus what to eat (08:03)
    • Light (08:30)
    • Sleep (09:23)
    • Purpose: why do you wake up everyday? (09:48)
  • What is spermidine and what does it do? (10:59)
  • Autophagy is a cell detox (13:40)
  • Life ends when you run out of energy (14:14)
  • An abundance of spermidine in the blue zones (15:56)
  • The degrading quality of food (17:08)
  • Diseases related to change in diet (17:48)
  • The benefits of spermidine (19:43)
    • Upregulation of autophagy (20:26)
  • Why is there a drop of spermidine after 30? (22:32)
  • The benefits of spermidine on immunity (26:46)
  • Spermidine and weight loss (28:22)
  • A definition of fitness goes back to purpose (30:45)
  • If you’re not doing something, do something (33:54)
  • The effects of spermidine on looking youthful (37:14)
  • Where to get spermidine (41:55)


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