Health Coach Nagina Abdullah tells us how to lose weight by eating!

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Nagina Abdullah: Spices Help with Weight Loss

How to Eat Delicious Food to Lose Weight


Nagina Abdullah Notable Quotes

That’s when it’s a lifestyle transformation—when you actually enjoy food that you’re eating, and it’s helping you.”
Nagina Abdullah

“So many women are actually undereating, and that’s the problem. They’re undereating because they feel like it’s going to help them lose weight, and instead it gives them more sugar cravings, and it’s not helping them lose weight.”
Nagina Abdullah

Episode Summary

Losing weight has never been so easy…and tasty!

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!, we’re talking to mom, entrepreneur, and weight loss coach, Nagina Abdullah to share some tips, tricks, and some of her secrets on how to lose weight by eating. Yes, eating. Nagina has tried a ton of diets throughout her life, and none of them actually worked—until she found the magic of spices.      

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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Nagina Abdullah (00:30)
  • Nagina Abdullah and her weight loss journey (02:32)
    • Leveraging the power of spices: great-tasting food that boosts metabolism and curbs appetite (06:40)
    • Strength training in losing weight and longevity (08:22)
  • Tips on how to manage time to lose weight (10:03)
  • Simplify meals: meal prep that doesn’t take forever to do (13:18)
  • Helping people get off the sugar…by eating (15:03)
    • Know where sugar hides (16:55)
    • Start replacing the sugars in your diet (19:28)
    • Avoid sugar cravings by getting ahead of the cravings and eating a balanced lunch (21:55)
  • Spices Nagina recommends to incorporate into our diets (23:04)
    • Turmeric, the wonder spice (23:35)
  • Mindset tips for people who are trying to lose weight (27:48)
    • “Give yourself permission to slim down.” (28:15)
    • The importance and impact of accountability (29:40)
    • The All or Nothing mindset (31:15)
  • The first thing a person should do when they decide they’re ready to lose weight (33:50)
    • Talk about breakfast (34:05)
  • Where to get in touch with Nagina and what she does (36:56)

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