Overcoming the Resistance to Market Ourselves and Our Businesses

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Take the First Step to See Your Next Step

Building a Mission-Based Business that Fuels You


Brandy Mabra Notable Quotes

“Work with who you think are meant to work with now, and that’s going to show you maybe who your next person is.
 – Brandy Mabra

“It just depends on how you feel about money, how passionate you are about your mission, I believe. And so, what happened, for me, I got really clear about what my mission was, what my vision was, and realizing that I deserve to have a space within my industry and that me hiding and not saying anything or being shy about it wasn’t serving anybody, especially me.”
Brandy Mabra


Episode Summary

As health coaches, we want to help and serve as many people as we can, whether it be through coaching sessions, through courses, or other valuable resources we put out. But how can we start helping people when no one knows about us? That’s another thing many of us health coaches have in common: we’re too shy about putting ourselves out there. And to be able to help people, we have to overcome that shyness.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to the Founder and CEO of Savvy Clover Coaching Brandy Mabra to walk us through how we can stop hiding behind the backend work of our business and start putting in the frontend work of marketing ourselves to our potential clients.


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            Brandy Mabra – Savvy Clover | Instagram | Facebook


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Brandy Mabra (01:52)
  • Check out Omar’s Business-Boosting Podcast Creation Course! (02:30)
  • Brandy Mabra: who she is and what she does (03:25)
  • Was not being your own boss part of the burnout? (06:36)
  • Brandy Mabra’s first steps into entrepreneurship (08:16)
  • How Brandy Mabra got over the initial resistance of marketing herself and her services (09:43)
  • Building a mission-based business (11:36)
  • The beautiful part about us running our own businesses (14:03)
  • Reaching the point of having to hire out help for the business (15:15)
  • For someone starting out, how important is creating a brand? (18:20)
  • How Brandy Mabra streamlines processes (20:30)
    • Looking at the business from a financial standpoint (21:50)
    • Making changes based on client experience standpoint (22:37)
    • Checking on your team (23:07)
  • Where does Brandy Mabra see her company going in the next five years? (24:36)
  • Where to find and keep in touch with Brandy Mabra (27:16)


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