Unfortunately, a majority of Americans live with a chronic illness or obesity, primarily due to the overconsumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates.  As we look around, it is easy to see that the modern way of eating revolves around pre-packaged and processed foods.

As a country, we need to have a plan to start to kick this habit so that we don’t have to face the dire consequences.

Susan Neal joins the show to share her award winning book, The Seven Steps to Get Off Sugar and Carbohydrates which provides a day-by-day plan to wean your body off of these addictive products and regain your health. 

Susan battled her own health crisis at the age of forty-nine with ten medical diagnoses and two surgeries.  Her doctors did all they could but she was still not healed.  Susan used her nursing and health science background to heal her body.  She regained her health and is on a mission to share her journey and know how with others.

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