Talking Aloe Vera and Health Coaching with Dr. Michael Haley!

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Health Coach and Chiropractor Dr. Michael Haley Shares the Benefits of Aloe Vera

And Insightful Business Tips to Grow Our Practices


Dr. Michael Haley Notable Quotes

“I realize that one of the most important things in getting well is [the patients’] belief. And I try to work within that because if they believe that the doctors are going to make them well, and I take that away from them, I may have just killed them.”
Dr. Michael Haley

“Some people are really locked in on this [diet] is the best one maybe because it works for them, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work on everybody…We have to consider these things: what are your goals and what does your body work the best on? And if we don’t know, there’s ways to find out.”
Dr. Michael Haley

“If we’re carrying products because of the profit margin and recommending things because of the profit margin, not because it’s helping the customer get what they need—which is their optimal health, their optimal wellness, their optimal everything—we’re doing a disservice, and it’s karma. It’s not going to work.”
Dr. Michael Haley


Episode Summary

When we hear about miracle supplements, the smart thing to do is to be skeptical. But if you’re hearing a lot of testimonials that swear on it, maybe spare it some thought—is there really something worth looking at there? Because we’ll be talking a little about one of those miracle supplements out there: aloe vera.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to medical expert and health coach, Dr. Michael Haley, to share some health benefits of aloe vera as well as some invaluable health coaching business tips to make our own businesses successful.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Some thoughts on health coaches helping people keep healthy (01:48)
  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Dr. Michael Haley, Organic Mike (04:40)
  • Getting healthy requires repetition (06:42)
  • Michael Haley and his journey into medicine and health care (07:48)
  • Michael Haley’s awakening to move away from being a chiropractor into his current niche (10:28)
    • The skeptical first encounter with aloe vera (11:00)
  • Basing recommendations based on goals (14:40)
  • Not one diet is a one-size-fits-all diet (16:00)
  • Aloe vera: what is it and what does it do? (18:10)
    • Aloe vera’s inner leaves vs. outer leaves (19:10)
    • The aloe vera that we see in stores (21:33)
    • What to look out when you’re buying aloe vera drinks (23:07)
  • Other benefits of aloe vera (24:22)
    • The importance of skin being epithelial tissue (25:03)
  • Working with beliefs (28:02)
  • Nutrition is not just our diet, it’s the things we do (30:25)
  • Michael Haley’s shortcomings that health coaches can learn from (31:15)
    • “It’s not about me at all.” (32:18)
  • Having a plan in place in terms of the numbers (34:28)
  • When we’re focused on trying to impress people with things that aren’t really important (37:06)
  • Michael Haley’s parting advice for health coaches and where to find and get in touch with him (41:08)


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