The Secret to a Successful Hyper-Local Podcast

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Stand Out by Finding Your Unique Angle

The Most Important Lesson is “Know Thyself”


Corey Hiben Notable Quotes


“We’re always best positioned to serve the person we once were.”
Corey Hiben

“What it taught me in that moment was that I’m not for everybody, and everybody’s not for me. I’m not going to jive with everybody, and that’s just a fact of life. So no matter what it is that you create, or put yourself out there, people are going to judge you, and that’s a fact of life. You’re not looking to please everybody, nor would you want to please everybody, nor would you possibly be able to please everybody. And that’s not the job. The job is to show up and add value to the people that you do want to hang out with.
                                                – Corey Hiben


Episode Summary

What makes a podcast successful? Is it international recognition? Is it the number of downloads? If the goal of your podcast is to drive clients to your business, and it’s making a grand time of doing just that, then guess what—that is a successful podcast.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to healthcare professional turned entrepreneur turned podcast host Corey Hiben to talk about how he carved his name into the Austin wellness podcasting scene with The Health Hustle Podcast, his podcast that caters to the hyper-local audience of wellness professionals in Austin, Texas.


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The Health Hustle PodcastSpotify | Apple | Anchor.FM | Castbox | Google Podcasts


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar’s joint Podcasting Course with Hailey Rowe (01:15)
  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Corey Hiben (02:56)
  • Corey Hiben, his story, and what he does (05:16)
  • Not super great at marketing? There’s still hope (07:32)
  • The Health Hustle, podcasting, and sharing people’s stories (09:05)
  • Corey Hiben’s decision to be niched and hyper-local (11:54)
    • Stand out with a unique angle (12:48)
  • The perks of being the only podcast in a town that talks about a specific topic (15:25)
  • Finding networking opportunities in hosting events (17:54)
  • Comparing yourself to the 1% isn’t good for anyone (22:02)
    • The job is to show up and add value (22:35)
  • The most important lesson is to know thyself (25:35)
  • Promoting the business with the podcast (26:52)
    • Corey Hiben, a big believer of solo-preneurship (28:10)
  • Was Corey Hiben always good at business? (30:34)
  • Corey Hiben’s goal in the podcasting space (36:34)
    • Continuing whatever futuristic podcast we’ll have in the future (38:47)
  • Where to find and keep up with what Corey Hiben’s doing (40:00)


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