The Art of Visual Diagnosis With Andrea Beaman!

Andrea Beaman, Visual Diagnosis

Health Coach Andrea Beaman Tells Us How She Uses Visual Diagnosis to Help Her Clients


Andrea Beaman Notable Quotes

“If I had to pick two organs that we are really destroying in our modern-day society, I would say the liver and the kidneys. We’re just a toxic environment with what humans are creating—I don’t know what the hell they’re doing—we’re like creating an environment that only robots can live in.”
Andrea Beaman

“The things that frustrate me, I do not attempt [to do] because it’ll waste my energy, and I want to put my energy on creating content and sharing information with the masses. And if my energy is being drained by, ‘oh how do I put this thing together or create this funnel?’ That’s not my world, and that’s going to sap me of my energy, and I won’t be able to share what I want to share.
                                                – Andrea Beaman


Episode Summary

When you’re in the position where you’re seriously considering transitioning from the corporate world to the health and fitness space, it can get a little hard to look and see beyond the transition itself. It can get difficult to think about how you can be successful like many other health coaches when you’re too worried about what’s in front of you.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we have the Andrea Beaman blessing us with her experiences, from her transition from corporate into the health space, to her appearance on Top Chef, to how she makes things easier for other health coaches by teaching them her NNew Healers course.


Relevant Links

Andrea Beaman – Website

Andrea Beaman’s New Healers Course


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Andrea Beaman (01:08)
  • Andrea’s first hurdle transitioning from the corporate world into the health and fitness space (02:35)
  • A method to the madness: needing to know that the transition would work (07:08)
  • Cooking classes before Andrea was certified as a health coach (07:35)
  • What Andrea learned from the corporate world that proved to be useful after the transition (08:28)
  • A specific skill that Andrea lacked as she started off and how she got better at it (10:07)
    • Directing energy to things Andrea wants to do (10:45)
  • The reception of alternative medicine back then (12:36)
  • How the cooking and nutrition fit into the brand of Andrea Beaman (13:48)
    • Having a set foundation and having the business in place (19:03)
  • How overlooked food prep can be when it comes to health and fitness (19:45)
  • It needs to be done: getting information out into the world is crucial (21:35)
  • Andrea Beaman’s upcoming gamechanger course (23:48)
    • Knowing the body’s balance or imbalance through visual diagnosis (27:10)
  • Asking Andrea what’s wrong with Omar (29:03)
    • The bitter flavors drain energy (31:21)
  • Organ studies that most people wouldn’t know about (33:58)
    • A couple of things that nourish the liver: the fats and the sour flavor (35:35)
  • How physical traits relate the imbalances in the body (37:45)
  • Herbs and supplements to address the health issues (39:52)
  • Visual diagnosis: why you should look forward to in Andrea Beaman’s course (42:30)
  • How and where to get in touch with Andrea Beaman (47:03)
  • What Andrea Beaman’s last meal would be (50:50)


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