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Steering Away From the Screw It, Just Do It Response

The Mammalian Brain vs. The Reptilian Brain


Dr. Glenn Livingston Notable Quotes

“The point is that we have these biological urges. And we’re expected to control them, and we’re fully confident that we can control them. But for some reason, people feel differently about these food cravings.”
Dr. Glenn Livingston

“I saw that there are these millions of dollars that are stacked up against me and all these rocket scientists that knew what they were doing—these were smart people, and they were optimizing for profit. They weren’t optimizing for health,  and it was targeted at the reptilian brain, the survival drives,  which don’t really understand love. Love is a function of the mammalian brain and the neocortex…and I’m busy trying to love myself thin when the part that’s responsible for the problem doesn’t know love.”
Dr. Glenn Livingston

“If you know a little bit about neurology, there’s a principle called neuroplasticity, which says what fires together, wires together. So, if you  have a craving for chocolate and you think, I’ll just start again tomorrow, and then you eat the chocolate, you’ve reinforced both the craving and the thought…you can only ever use the present moment to be healthy. If you’re in a hole, stop digging.”
Dr. Glenn Livingston

“We developed this saying that if you want to overcome overeating, flood your body with nutrition on a regular, reliable basis. And as people started to do that,  they were more likely to avoid that screw it, just do it response. And the longer you avoid it, the less likely it is to occur, because it starts to become part of your identity that you’re a healthy eater.

You decide within reason what a good plan is. If you want to have some treats, then you plan them out. And you see yourself following that for long enough, and then the pain of saying screw it just do it becomes larger and larger. And it just seems out of character with who you think you are.”
Dr. Glenn Livingston


Episode Summary

The start of a serious weight loss journey is always the hardest. It takes time and conscious effort to make the necessary changes to our lifestyles, and it’s especially difficult when we’re attached to living—and eating—a certain way. Doubly so when we’re used to giving into each one of our cravings.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to a rare returning guest Dr. Glenn Livingston to walk us through what cravings are, why we have them, and how we can overcome them. Dr. Livingston also shares some actionable insights on navigating cravings from his new book, Defeat Your Cravings.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. Glenn Livingston (01:24)
  • Glenn Livingston: who he is, what he does, and what his new book is about (03:37)
  • The trillion-dollar industry that targets the reptilian brain (07:43)
  • Taking control of the biological urges including food cravings (10:17)
  • Fixing the way one thinks about food through exercising cognitive refutation (12:35)
  • Limitations of the old book, Never Binge Again (15:33)
    • Fixing the mindset around food quickly (16:22)
    • When the reptilian brain overrides rational thinking (17:33)
  • Sugar: upregulation & downregulation of the nervous system (20:53)
  • Reclaiming 5-10 hours a week when you stop overeating (26:44)
  • The first step to reign in severe cravings that lead to overeating (29:24)
  • Organismic distresses that cause Screw It, Just Do It responses (34:11)
    • Willpower and recharging the willpower tank (34:25)
    • Lowering stress and activating the parasympathetic nervous system (36:06)
    • Having other sources of dopamine in our lives (38:12)
  • Understanding cravings as a survival instinct (40:22)
  • Powering through the extinction curve and overcoming cravings (41:39)
  • Where to find Dr. Glenn Livingston, his book, and his work (46:39)


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