See the Whole Health Picture with the Continuous Glucose Monitor

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Keeping an Eye on the Different Factors that Affect Glucose Levels

Changing Diets to Accommodate Bio-Individuality


Carlee Hayes Notable Quotes

“We’re just really underutilizing this vital sign. So, glucose, as you know, is sort of a direct window into our metabolism and our metabolic health, and it gives us insight to, sure, our food and how we’re responding, but also our overall health, our metabolic health, how our sleep is doing, how we’re handling stress, if our exercise is sufficient for our needs. ”
Carlee Hayes


Episode Summary

As health coaches, we keep ourselves up to date with the latest research, tools, diets, and devices that can help us serve our clients better. One such technology is the continuous glucose monitor—a tool that can aid us in giving a clear picture of our clients’ health and how well they respond to the food that they eat.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to Carlee Hayes, lead dietician at NutriSense, to walk us through how a continuous glucose monitor works and how this technology can benefit us health coaches to better serve our clients.


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NutriSense – Website | Facebook | Instagram

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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Carlee Hayes (01:15)
  • Carlee Hayes, NutriSense, and Continuous Glucose Monitoring (04:49)
  • Glucose as a key component of overall health (06:32)
  • What to look for when monitoring glucose levels (08:36)
  • Factors affecting metabolism and glucose levels (11:25)
  • How can health coaches benefit from continuous glucose monitoring? (13:41)
    • Post-prandial glucose to monitor meal responses (15:18)
    • Accommodating bio-individuality (17:33)
  • Smaller glucose responses as fuel for motivation (19:58)
  • NutriSense’s continuous glucose monitor device and how it works (21:37)
  • The backlash from the CGM’s availability (25:13)
  • The process of procuring a continuous glucose monitor (29:47)
  • Are health coaches qualified to interpret the glucose data from the CGM? (32:47)
  • Solving a big health pain point (33:45)
  • NutriSense’s different programs (34:42)
  • Is there research linking the different seasons with glucose levels? (37:12)
  • Where to find Carlee Hayes and NutriSense (40:40)


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