The Covid Chronicles Completed! Q&A with Dr. Z!

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Dr. Robert Zembroski Pops in for a Covid Q&A! 

Covid Chronicles with Dr. Robert Zembroski: Complete!

Dr. Robert Zembroski Notable Quotes

“Nutraceuticals are just as powerful as pharmaceuticals.”
Dr. Robert Zembroski


Episode Summary

             This episode is the third installment in the three-part series about Covid and  how we can keep ourselves safe, sane, and healthy in these trying times. We have our guest, research junkie Dr. Robert Zembroski in a Q&A session with the questions pulled from our listeners’ submissions.


Relevant Links

Dr. Robert Zembroski – Website | InstagramYouTube | Twitter

Rebuild: Five Proven Steps to Move from Diagnosis to Recovery and Be Healthier Than Before by Robert Zembroski
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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Check out Fastic! (00:00)
  • A quick recap of Covid and what we can do about it (04:50)
    • The groups predisposed to acquiring Covid (09:50)
  • Wearing a mask while exercising (15:20)
  • Concerns with vaccines (19:52)
  • Antibody tests and results (26:30)
  • Question submission: how can obese people with type II diabetes protect themselves from Covid? (28:25)
    • Robert Zembroski’s take on curcumin and berberine (31:50)
  • Question submission: is it smart to reopen schools and will the kids be safe? (35:45)
  • Question submission: multiple experts saying different things, which should we believe in? (43:00)
  • Question submission: Dr. Zembroski’s take on using face shields (54:00)
  • Question submission: Which form of zinc is most beneficial? (57:40)
    • What can zinc acetate do in this Covid pandemic (59:10)


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