The Early Hurdles of Starting a Health Coaching Business with Elizabeth DiCristofano

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Up-and-Coming Health Coach Elizabeth DiCristofano Shares Her Struggles of Starting Online Business

Marketing and Exposure Tips that Worked for Elizabeth


Elizabeth DiCristofano Notable Quotes

“Zoning in and narrowing down is essential for health coaches. We have to have that one person, that one avatar that we’re going to be speaking to. And it’s scary that we’re narrowing down so much, but it’s key.”
                                                – Elizabeth DiCristofano

“When your why is bigger than you, and it is changing the world, that’s what wakes you up in the morning. And that’s what I think why we’re here for.
– Elizabeth DiCristofano


Episode Summary

When we’re starting an online business, there’s a lot to think about: thinking of your ideal client, curating your brand, and creating your business pages across social media platforms, just to name a few. There’s so much to get going that sometimes, we can’t help getting overwhelmed with it. But take a deep breath, that’s normal, and we’ll get through it.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to a different sort of guest, Elizabeth DiCristofano, an up-and-coming health coach who’s quickly gaining traction. Join us as she shares her ups and downs as well as some marketing tricks that yielded her results.


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Elizabeth DiCristofano – Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Pinterest | Email

The Root of Our Health Podcast


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Elizabeth DiCristofano (01:06)
  • Elizabeth DiCristofano and her journey into the health coaching space (02:48)
    • Lifting weights and getting leaner (04:16)
    • Beyond the aesthetics: feeling much better with better health (06:10)
    • Bringing the passion for health and wellness at work (07:55)
    • The health scare and getting to the root cause with a functional medicine doctor (09:28)
    • Finding Functional Medicine Academy (10:59)
  • The most difficult part of starting a health coaching business and how Elizabeth DiCristofano overcame it (12:52)
  • How Elizabeth’s prior work experience helps drive her business (16:52)
  • Other limiting beliefs that Elizabeth had to overcome (19:20)
  • Falling down into the hole of chasing after certification after certification (22:01)
  • Finding the right time with organic transitions (25:58)
    • Narrowing down your target market is key (26:26)
  • Elizabeth DiCristofano on the saturation of the health coaching space (27:20)
    • A business model with a lot of health coaches under one roof (29:30)
  • Stumbling on naming health coaches other health coaches aspire to be (32:05)
    • Not a lot of people know what a health coach is yet (33:22)
  • Changing the world with your “Why” that wakes you up every morning (35:33)
  • Marketing strategies that worked for Elizabeth DiCristofano (36:55)
  • Where to find and keep in touch with Elizabeth DiCristofano (40:50)


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