The Essential Skills Online Entrepreneurs Need Right Now!

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Business Skills You Need to Know from Business Coach Richard Fletcher 

Tips on How Your Online Health Coaching Business Can Boom


Richard Fletcher Notable Quotes

“My goal of working for myself was more important than any of these little irritations or problems along the way. If you want to work for yourself badly enough, if you’re a health coach, and you’re like, ‘I have such a gift to share about my knowledge of health that could really help people here…’ And you’ve got a burning fire that says, ‘Okay, I need to make this happen,’ suddenly, a rejection on the sales call doesn’t seem like such a big deal. ”
Richard Fletcher

“As long as I’m not a total idiot, as long as I don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again, every time I make a mistake, if I can correct it and do something different next time, I’m getting closer to my goal. Even if it takes me twenty years.”
Richard Fletcher

“The kind of person who’s willing to invest $200 a month in their health is just more serious about their health, aren’t they?”
Richard Fletcher


Episode Summary

Now more than ever, still in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, we health coaches should up our health coaching game to keep everyone healthy in these trying times. But the question is, how exactly do we do that effectively, especially now that most businesses are moving online?

Good thing we have business and marketing coach Richard Fletcher on this episode of Health Coach Academy to talk about just how we can market ourselves and bring our health coaching businesses to a booming success.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Richard Fletcher (01:44)
  • Check out Omar’s course on starting a podcast (02:56)
  • Richard Fletcher and his online business journey (03:58)
  • Where Richard Fletcher wanted to be and continuing pushing towards it (06:35)
  • Richard’s patient perspective on progress and reaching his end goal (08:25)
  • Richard’s driving force with regards to work and income (09:55)
    • Funnel hacking and one-on-one conversations (11:50)
  • Essential skills every online entrepreneur should have (12:42)
    • One-to-one sales skills (13:03)
    • Copywriting and persuasion skills (14:35)
  • Richard Fletcher, one-to-one sales skills, and persuasion skills (15:42)
  • Handling rejections (17:50)
  • Richard Fletcher and his Magic Sauce (20:05)
  • Twenty grand in social media (21:02)
  • Pricing and overcoming limiting beliefs around it (25:40)
  • You’re not selling a program, you’re selling an end result (28:50)
  • The wedding photographer who went from $1,500 to $15,000 (30:28)
  • Valentino Shoppers and upcharging without the guilt (35:50)
  • Where to find Richard Fletcher and keep up with him (39:43)


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