The Essential Steps to Creating a Money Making Course with Susan Neal!

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How and Why You Should Consider Creating a Course from Amazon Best-Selling Author Susan Neal

Make More Money by Creating Your Own Course


Susan Neal Notable Quotes

“Believe in yourself. You have great value, and you provide for your clients such great information. So believe in yourself and that you can do this.”
Susan Neal


Episode Summary

In this day and age, diversifying your income streams can help you go a long way—and that doesn’t just hold true for health coaches. Anyone can benefit from diversifying their income streams. And one way to do just that is by creating courses.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to registered nurse, author, and health coach Susan Neal to talk a little bit about how we should definitely look into creating and selling courses and what steps we should take to make sure we create a good course that sells.


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Susan Neal – Website | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube

Susan Neal’s Amazon Author Page


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Susan Neal (00:40)
  • Susan Neal and course creation (03:22)
    • Is course creation a dead end? (04:40)
  • The key steps to take in creating a course (05:45)
    • What is your subject? (06:03)
    • What is your platform? (06:56)
      • How tech-savvy do you have to be to create a course? (08:35)
    • The specifics in the differences of each platform (10:18)
  • Where a health coach can benefit with course creation (14:30)
  • How to go about the visual component to courses (15:58)
  • The process of creating content for courses (19:32)
  • Deciding on price points (21:40)
  • Is course creation for everybody? (24:45)
  • Time and money expenditure on creating courses (25:50)
  • One thing Susan wished she knew when she was creating her course (27:48)
  • Setting up affiliate links on (28:35)
  • Susan’s success with getting influencers to promote her course (31:58)
  • Where to find Susan Neal and her books (33:25)
  • Susan’s parting words to keep health coaches going (34:30)
    • Be sure to create a promo video (34:45)


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