If you look up the word diet in the thesaurus, one of the words that come up is restriction. Yet, we all know that one of the reasons that diets don’t work is that they can become too restrictive and boring, and you end up falling off the wagon. As they say, variety is the spice of life!

After 25 years of experimenting with various restrictive diet and fitness fads including the cracker diet or the lemonade diet, Nealy Fischer learned that living such a rigid life is exhausting. And when you’re willpower is constantly tested, you’ll eventually find yourself defeated. Sound familiar?

Nealy , aka the Flexible Chef, joins the show to share her secrets for customizing and healthifying your favorite classic dishes and how to turn 100 recipes into 1000!  Nealy is the founder and director of The Flexible Chef. She inspires people to eat and to live well, and ultimately to crave a healthy lifestyle. Nealy has been a leader in the wellness industry for two decades and has founded projects including luxury yoga retreats, cooking programs, and women’s empowerment courses around the world.

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