The Framework to Make the Game Work with Dr. Todd Frisch!

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Author, Speaker, Teacher Dr. Todd Frisch Shares About His Acclaimed SHAPE ReClaimed Program

It’s All in the Face: Facial Diagnostics Tells What’s Not Right


Dr. Todd Frisch Notable Quotes

“I made a paradigm shift a lot of years ago. I went from a ‘what’s wrong’ mentality to asking, ‘what’s not right?’ It sounds like semantics, but it’s not. It’s really a different way of looking at an individual. My philosophy is this: you have to be two-thirds sick before medicine sees anything wrong, and that’s a little too late oftentimes in the scheme of things.”
Dr. Todd Frisch

“Don’t be interesting, be interested.
                                                – Dr. Todd Frisch

“If I can leave one message that made me more successful, it’s just I never just practice with my brain. I always thought with my brain and my heart, and that made me a desirable commodity in the St. Louis Health Care System.”
Dr. Todd Frisch


Episode Summary

When you’re a health coach straight out of school and just setting up your business, one of the most difficult things to do is to set up a system that works right from the start. Now, what if you could save yourself the trouble and pick up a turn-key model that gives your clients immediate results to keep their motivation going?

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to author, chiropractor, teacher, and speaker, Dr. Todd Frisch, to walk us through his nationally-acclaimed health transformation program, SHAPE ReClaimed, as well as share a little bit about his methods of facial diagnosis along with his book, WTF? Why the Face?


Relevant Links

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WTF? Why the Face – Website | Book


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Dr. Todd Frisch (01:16)
  • Todd Frisch, his journey, and his practice 04:10)
    • Restorative medicine instead of functional medicine (05:48)
  • How Dr. Todd Frisch got to the bottom of people’s health problems (06:43)
    • The paradigm shift to asking, ‘what’s not right?’ (07:10)
  • Facial diagnostics and excellent compliance (09:55)
  • The first 25 and leveraging what it is that made you unique (13:05)
    • Todd’s wife and her menopausal weight gain, the birth of SHAPE ReClaimed (14:45)
  • Incorporating health coaches into Dr. Todd Frisch’s practice (15:52)
    • Bio-individuality and building programs around patients (18:25)
  • SHAPE ReClaimed: what it is and what it does (19:54)
    • SHAPE ReClaimed: all diets fail, it’s got to be the brain (21:02)
  • Health Coaches and doctors: Think and link vs. name and blame (23:07)
  • Don’t be interesting, be interested (25:10)
    • The faith circuit (25:25)
  • Don’t give more than 3 supplements at a time (26:40)
  • Some business tips that Dr. Todd Frisch learned over the years (27:40)
    • The circles in the target of health (28:06)
    • Practice with you head and your heart (32:10)
  • What can health coaches do market-wise to push to that first 25 clients? (32:42)
    • Omar’s facial diagnosis off-air (34:42)
  • The key is getting patients to understand they can take control of their own health (36:00)
    • The shape program and fertility (37:00)
  • Where to get in touch with Dr. Todd Frisch (40:42)


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