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Reed Davis Notable Quotes

“That, by the way, is my DRESS—diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, supplement—that’s DRESS for health success…it’s like, look, we don’t want to pick at one thing. We want the whole body. We want each organ system to improve its function, and whatever [illness] they have goes away.”
Reed Davis

“Nobody has control over your prices but you. You’re the one who controls your price. No one has any right whatsoever to judge your price or you. So, who’s in control? You are. You make up your price.”
Reed Davis

“We sell packages—never work by the hour. Always work by the package. And keep increasing your package prices until you have the quality of customer that can afford that and that can support you so that you can walk the talk.”
Reed Davis


Episode Summary

There are many paths to take and institutes to learn from if you want to become a health coach, and one of the most premiere health coaching programs available to take is from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, or FDN. So, what makes FDN unique?

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to a returning guest, the founder of Functional Nutrition Diagnostic himself, Reed Davis. Reed talks about what FDN teaches, focuses on, and offers that gives their graduates an edge in the health coaching field. On top of that, Reed also shares some solid advice for both health coaches and health coach entrepreneurs.


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Free E-Book: D.R.E.S.S. For Health Success Guidebook by Reed Davis

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Interested in Learning More About Training with FDN? Click Here!


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Reed Davis (01:13)
  • Reed Davis and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) (3:50)
  • Acquiring laboratory data to guide immediate action (06:45)
    • Case report: one of the first labs Reed Davis ran (07:47)
  • Combating the current health system model of chasing symptoms and prescribing medications (12:11)
    • DRESS for health success (18:52)
  • Stepping up and becoming an advocate for your own health (20:55)
  • A change in curriculum and business in response to the pandemic (23:20)
  • A potential for a pop-up market for health coaches? (28:47)
    • Other health coaching opportunities apart from entrepreneurship (31:15)
  • There are opportunities, oversaturation is a myth (33:06)
    • The practitioner controls their own price (37:52)
  • What holds health coaches back from being successful? (42:00)
    • Double your prices (43:27)
  • Reed Davis’s legacy (45:41)
  • Where and how to get in touch with Reed Davis (48:00)


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