How to Stick to Our New Year’s Resolutions Even After the New Year

This Podcast Burns Fat, Jason Scrofani, New Year's Resolution

Jason Scrofani on Sustainalbe Lifestyle Changes

Quick Wins to Motivate and Keep Us Going


Jason Scrofani Notable Quotes

“Depending on the person, it’s very easy to get some quick wins. It’s a matter of easing in and working, kind of sowing in, and subtly putting in these other things that we can do, like addressing sleep.”
Jason Scrofani

“That’s where it gets exciting—you get the little wins like decreasing the sugar and focusing on these types of things but doing it in a very sustainable way—it can make even the most impatient person really psyched about goals after two weeks.”

                                                – Jason Scrofani

“Taking yourself into focus, that’s going to reduce your stress, and guess what? I promise you, you’re going to reduce that stress response. When you stop that stress response in its tracks, you’re going to get results because you’re going to stop chasing your tail.”
Jason Scrofani


Episode Summary

We’ve just broken into the new year, and for many of us, with it comes a New Year’s Resolution—which oftentimes includes losing a few pounds. And here’s the deal, most of the time, we can only stick with that resolution for so long before we slip off.

But have no fear! In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to holistic wellness coach Jason Scrofani to walk us through some of the reasons why we fall off our New Year’s Resolutions and how we can avoid it. On top of that, he also shares some ways we can set ourselves up for success and sustainability with our lifestyle changes.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Jason Scrofani (01:23)
  • Jason Scrofani, his story and his journey (04:05)
  • Why some people are unable to follow through New Year’s Resolutions (09:00)
  • Equipping clients to sift through the information (12:28)
  • Building skills overtime to change habits (13:50)
  • Start with small wins (16:06)
  • Resetting your perspectives and peeling the onion back (18:30)
  • The motivation to get started and the motivation to sustain (23:55)
  • Jason’s approach on sustainable diets (28:50)
  • The types of food to motivate and demotivate you (31:32)
  • The first actions steps that are really a bang for your buck (36:50)
    • Reduce stress by deep breathing (11:36)
    • Just start moving—and make it enjoyable (40:30)
  • Where to find and keep up with Jason Scrofani (46:40)


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