A Health Coach in Corporate Wellness? More Likely than You Think!

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Is Working in Corporate Wellness Right for You?

Health Coach Brenda Sillas Shares How To Break Into the Space

Brenda Sillas Notable Quotes

“There are so many other options and opportunities…I think the sweet spot is marrying the health coach’s specific interest and just helping them position that interest to a huge problem that the employer has. So the more that the health coach can be curious and open to learning more about what the real problem is, the better.”
Brenda Sillas


Episode Summary

Many of us in the health coaching space are looking to expand our practices, be it by forming partnerships, creating evergreen products that potential clients can buy, and even writing on our expertise and becoming authors. But one of we haven’t talked about a lot is working as a health coach in the corporate wellness space.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to health coach and entrepreneur Brenda Sillas to shed some light on what it looks like to work in corporate wellness, if it’s something worth considering, and what it takes to break into the space.

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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Brenda Sillas (01:08)
  • Brenda Sillas, health coaching, and her journey into the corporate wellness space (02:48)
  • How a health coach can go about presenting themselves to corporations (07:11)
  • Leveraging health care expenses (09:16)
  • Corporations are more and more entertaining the idea of getting health coaches (11:12)
  • Opportunities in corporate wellness that health coaches should be aware of (12:20)
    • Wellness coordinator (12:52)
    • Company health coach (13:40)
    • Health educator (14:32)
    • Virtual cooking demo (15:55)
    • Health planning (16:28)
  • Brand yourself accordingly (18:23)
  • Overcoming some limiting beliefs (22:26)
  • Chasing after the next certification (25:58)
  • Brenda Sillas’ advice for health coaches who are on the fence (29:22)
    • To the health coach who doesn’t necessarily need the extra income (30:31)
  • Is corporate wellness for everybody? (33:01)
  • To the health coach who’s in a corporate job (35:42)
  • Where to find and get in touch with Brenda Sillas (40:18)
  • Brenda’s Free Guide for the Health Coach Academy listeners (40:58)


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