The Keys to the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Olly Wood, Health Coach Academy, podcast

From Independent to Running a Company with Thousands of Clients

Build Your High-Performance Self


Olly Wood Notable Quotes 

“It’s no longer about trying to lose the ten kilos. That is a goal, but that is kind of a by-product of feeling awesome and crushing the day.”
Olly Wood

“It’s not a lack of resources it’s a lack of resourcefulness… If this is what I truly want and I’m willing to make sure it’s about me, it’s not about circumstances or asking permission from my partner or whatever, it’s what do I want out of the next ten years so I’m not blaming other people, putting that power on someone other than myself. I know I can do it if I’m putting in the work long term.”
Olly Wood


Episode Summary

Working as an independent personal trainer over the course of 7 years, Olly Wood made the decision to shift gears and enter the world of entrepreneurship. But getting into entrepreneurship is not always the easiest transition.

In this episode, Olly talks about how having the knowledge and experience working independently helped him on this journey and how giving the same determination to learn and succeed helped create a growing  7-figure company.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Olly Wood (01:06) 
  • Olly’s background and experiences as a health coach to an entrepreneur (04:02)
  • What was needed to build a solid foundation for a company (9:12)
  • The importance of narrowing down a target market (10:19)
  • How confident is Olly with his current business model (12:20)
  • Is there another step health coaches need to take when starting their business? (13:56)
  • What problems did Olly run into while running his business? (15:41)
    • Don’t follow other business models, learn from them (16:38)
    • The two main points new business owners should know (20:21)
  • Who are Olly’s mentors and role models? (20:40)
  • At what point did Olly know he needed a coach? (22:40)
  • Has Olly always been so determined with his intentions and business decisions? (25:38)
  • Final pieces of advice to get those first steps forward (27:22)
  • Where to find and keep up with Olly online (28:14)


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