The Hypnotic Language of Sales with Jason Linett!

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Learn the Keys to Effective Communication 

Hypnotist Jason Linett Shares How to Word Your Sales Pitches


Jason Linett Notable Quotes

“Everything is a muscle. So, recognize that the more we do something, the more we feed it the appropriate rest and nutrition, it becomes that ability that we can get better and better at something the more we study it.”
Jason Linett

“As a business owner, the more that we can think that we’re always educating and informing, rather than marketing and selling—which educating and informing are amazing marketing strategies, by the way—but to really bring that value and bring people on for that ride.”
Jason Linett


Episode Summary

            To get your message across, you’re going to have to be an effective communicator, and you’re going to have to have a way with words that would sway people the way you want them to. Hypnotic influence expert Jason Linett knows just how to do that.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, Jason Linett tells us how we can be effective communicators using a handful of helpful tips and tricks pulled from his hypnosis practice.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Jason Linett (01:00)
  • Jason Linett, what he does, and what he’s been up to lately (03:13)
  • Jason Linett: hypnotism, articulation, and effective communication (06:22)
  • Jason Linett never assumed business was something difficult (10:37)
  • Breaking through limiting beliefs around entrepreneurship (14:50)
    • The law of attraction (15:25)
    • Model what works (18:28)
  • Changing the mindset of funnel marketing (19:50)
    • The amateur changes their act, the professional changes their audience (23:50)
  • The language pattern key to keeping clients long-term (23:40)
  • The secret behind Jason Linett’s excellent copy (34:02)
    • Similar message patterns in marketing courses (38:33)
  • How to go about pricing issue in the wellness industry (41:25)
  • How and where to get in touch with Jason Linett (49:45)


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