Selling is Asking the Right Questions

Dr. Aaron LeBauer, Health Coach Academy

Is the Health Coaching Space Saturated? We Think Not

Ethical Sales: How to Feel Good Selling


Dr. Aaron LeBauer Notable Quotes

“In the right context or in the right environment, asking the right questions, asking for the sale isn’t going to feel greedy or pushy or slimy, it’s going to be doing a service to our customers, clients, and patients.”
Dr. Aaron LeBauer

“The key to feeling good about selling something is we have to ask questions. The best sales start with questions because I need to find out if I can actually help someone. And if I can, then I can ask them permission to tell them about the product that I think is going to help. We’re asking for permission, we’re asking questions to find out people want. And if we do that the right way and we ask the right questions, then it doesn’t feel like a sale—we’re in an interview to see, are we a good fit to work together.”
Dr. Aaron LeBauer


Episode Summary

As health coaches, what we want is to help people—as many as we can—which is why we set up our health coaching practices. But the thing is, we won’t be able to help people if our businesses don’t last because we’re too afraid to ask for that sale.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to physical therapist and business coach Dr. Aaron LeBauer to walk us through how we can look at selling in a way that doesn’t feel icky or slimy, while also dispelling the myth of saturation.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Dr. Aaron LeBauer (01:15)
  • Aaron LeBauer, who he is, and what he does (03:10)
  • Going outside the insurance model and starting a cash-based business (06:16)
  • Getting good at the sales and business part of the business (09:06)
    • Learning the sales skills to help the business (11:24)
  • Aaron LeBauer’s limiting beliefs towards sales and asking for sales (13:53)
  • The key to ethical sales and feeling good about selling (17:13)
  • The first step to starting the business (18:23)
  • The important things to note when starting a business (21:55)
  • Niching down and identifying your ideal client (24:16)
  • Pricing and why we should seriously consider charging more (26:00)
  • Aaron LeBauer’s wife’s health coaching practice (28:30)
  • The concept of saturated markets (32:10)
  • Where to find and keep in touch with Dr. Aaron LeBauer (35:38)


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