Converting Knowledge Into a Viable Business

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Expand Your Reach and Take to the Online World

Take the Emotion Out of Decision-Making


Notable Quotes

“If you have the potential, you’re good at what you do, you can communicate, you can sell, you can monetize [what you’re doing], you might as well do it because your amount of outreach, and people you can help through that, and thereby making more money, is so much greater. ”
Cody Watkins

“When you’re talking nutrition, training, and all that, you can do a general model and hit the mold, but if you can get down to specifics, you can charge more, get a higher caliber of client, and now you can get more money and better results.”
Cody Watkins

“If your service is great, you should have no issue selling to people.
Cody Watkins


Episode Summary

In this day and age, everything is digital—from paying bills, to banking, to shopping, and even to availing a myriad of services. If you’re a health coach who has built their business brick-and-mortar style and you’re thinking about expanding your business digitally to be able to help more people, how do you begin the process?

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to professional bodybuilder-turned-fitness coach Cody Watkins to walk us through his transformation journey, how he turned his passion into his business, and ultimately, how he expanded that business online to increase his reach and help more people.


Relevant Links

            Cody Watkins – Website | Instagram | Facebook


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Cody Watkins (01:35)
  • Check out Omar’s Business-Building Podcast Course! (02:13)
  • Cody Watkins: who he is, what he does, and his origin story (02:50)
    • An unexpected health problem (04:17)
    • Rediscovering identity (08:12)
  • Converting knowledge of health into a business (09:44)
  • The thought process behind transitioning into online coaching (11:40)
  • Cody Watkins, business acumen, and great clients (13:10)
  • Cody Watkins’ current business model (14:46)
  • The biggest driver behind acquiring clients (16:07)
  • Take a look at your client acquisition costs (17:53)
  • The most successful marketing strategy for Cody Watkins’ business model (19:28)
    • Remember GAS: Give A Shit (21:24)
  • Take the emotion out of decision-making (22:31)
    • If something is bigger, put it in the light, put it in paper (24:44)
  • Keep chugging at it, and you’ll be further along before you know it (27:14)
  • The impact of putting out before and after photos of your clients (29:22)
  • Why niching down worked for Cody Watkins (31:20)
  • The challenge of building trust and rapport online (35:23)
  • You’re not helping anybody by lowering your prices (38:30)
  • Where to find Cody Watkins and keep up with his work (41:33)


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