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Isaac Ho Notable Quotes

“Right now, in the online space, everybody wants to promise something, which, there’s nothing wrong with promising something big, but the flip side of that is they actually go, ‘How do I give you something great but charge you so little for it?’ And so you feel like you’re getting this massive deal? And so you then use marketing to blow it up…”
Isaac Ho


Episode Summary

Many entrepreneurs who put themselves out there and sell a product or service would often times promise something big: something attractive and of value that would light up their potential customers’ eyes and push them to close that deal. Afterwards, the only thing left to do is to deliver on that promise—something fitness influencer Brittany Dawn wasn’t able to do, which resulted in a lawsuit from the state of Texas.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, podcast host Omar Cumberbatch welcomes returning guest Isaac Ho in this new episode format where they discuss current events in the health coaching space. Isaac and Omar talk about how health coaches can avoid lawsuits and keep their health coaching businesses thriving.


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In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces a new podcast episode format with Isaac Ho (00:00)
  • Isaac Ho introduces the episode’s case on Brittany Dawn (04:18)
    • Deciding on what defines or counts as “support” (06:24)
  • Marketing and promising something big (07:27)
  • Why Brittany Dawn’s case was propelled into the spotlight (09:00)
  • The biggest lesson health coaches can learn from Brittany Dawn’s lawsuit (11:26)
    • Allow for variability in your system (12:00)
    • Specify the kind of support you’re promising (12:52)
    • Understand the value you’re giving to someone (13:55)
  • How much of the case is accidental? (15:43)
    • What makes somebody great at selling courses? (20:45)
  • Health coaches are selling a comfort zone (25:15)
  • Confidence is the frame of how we operate in our lives (26:41)
  • How does Omar’s podcasting course work? (29:38)
  • The confidence that allowed Omar to start his podcast and get to where he is today (32:22)


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