The Many Triggers of Autoimmune Responses



The First Steps to Correct Autoimmune Conditions

Aiding the Liver in Detox and Minimizing Autoimmune Responses


Dr. Krista Coombs Notable Quotes

“In my experience, thus far, most people don’t want to do the work even if they know they’re susceptible, unless they have a pain point. That’s enough to push them into making change. Change can be difficult, there can be a lot of grieving if you’re trying to give up certain foods and doing that long-term, even if you know you’re trying to protect yourself. But it can be done.”

                                                – Dr. Krista Coombs

“Talk about the power of the body. Even with all the abuse, on knowing and unknowing, it still manages to make it for the most part. Imagine if you fed it really well more of the time: your experience of life would be so much grander.”

                                                – Dr. Krista Coombs


Episode Summary

An autoimmune disorder happens when the body’s immune system fails to recognize its own tissues and begins attacking them. Needless to say, this is a detrimental disorder that causes not just damage to our bodies’ healthy tissues but induces large amounts of inflammation as well. If you’re a long-time listener to the show, you would know that chronic inflammation can lead to weight gain.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to Chinese Traditional Medicine and Functional Medicine practitioner Dr. Krista Coombs to shed some light on how autoimmune diseases come to be, how we can start correcting these conditions, and what we can do to avoid triggering autoimmune responses.


Relevant Links

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Dr. Krista Coombs’ Immunity Course: Building New Resilience the Easy Way Use the Code EASY100


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. Krista Coombs (00:36)
  • Krista Coombs, her health story, and entering the field of functional medicine (01:58)
  • Just how prevalent are autoimmune issues in the population? (04:37)
  • The origin of autoimmune issues in the body (06:31)
  • What happens in the body that has an autoimmune disease (09:43)
  • How to deal with autoimmune disorders in the body (13:09)
  • Cell danger response and mindset (15:04)
  • The biggest eating issue that triggers an autoimmune response (17:48)
    • Some foods that may trigger an autoimmune response (20:44)
  • The first step to take post-diagnosis of an autoimmune disease (22:08)
    • The four EASY foundational pillars (23:25)
  • What tests can be utilized to identify autoimmune issues? (26:32)
  • Krista Coombs’ health advice to her younger self (29:00)
  • Aiding the liver in detoxifying our bodies (31:16)
    • Acetylcysteine and liver health (34:48)
  • How does functional medicine address the obesity epidemic (35:29)
  • Where to find and keep up with Dr. Krista Coombs’ work (39:00)


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