The Magical Rules of Growing Your Health Coaching Practice with Jenny Fenig

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The Magic Behind All of Us (and How We Can Run with It!) 

Jenny Fenig Tells us How to Grow Our Coaching Business


Jenny Fenig Notable Quotes

“The people who step forward to work with you are just a few steps behind you.”
Jenny Fenig

“I wanted to be that person to help somebody who was where I was all those years when I was contemplating making the move in my career and I was terrified.”
Jenny Fenig

“That’s the thing. When you’re building your business, you have to have an audience, or you have to be building your audience, or be connecting with somebody else’s audience to spread your message.”
                                                – Jenny Fenig


Episode Summary

If we’re financially comfortable working a corporate job that doesn’t necessarily resonate or align with us as people, the thought of ducking out of the job to pursue something we’re passionate about can get really scary. Especially if we’re not sure about whether or not it can support us financially the same way that corporate job did.

In this episode of  Health Coach Academy, we have 6-figure coach and spiritual brand strategist Jenny Fenig on the show to talk about how she made the jump from the corporate life to being a mother, coach, and entrepreneur with the help of magic.


Relevant Links

Jenny Fenig – Website | Instagram | Facebook

Get Gutsy: A Sacred, Fearless Guide for Finding Your Soul’s Calling and Living Your Dream by Jenny Fenig


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Jenny Fenig (01:11)
  • Jenny Fenig, leaving corporate America, and pursuing her passion (02:40)
    • Quitting gave Jenny her time and space back (09:35)
  • The initial thought of being able to profit off of coaching (12:45)
  • One thing that happened in the beginning that led to where Jenny is now (16:50)
    • Building an audience and building networks (19:40)
  • Being one or two steps ahead to coach someone (22:40)
    • To be a great coach is to be a great listener (25:08)
    • “I make suggestions, you make decisions.” (25:35)
  • Magic: individual expression of truth (28:33)
    • Work with the energy instead of pushing against it (35:03)
  • Jenny Fenig’s tips on time management (37:33)
    • See everything as an experiment (41:25)
    • Be aware of your seasonal energies (43:00)
  • Why it’s difficult to zero in on what we want to do in life (44:20)
  • Where we can find and keep up with Jenny Fenig (48:15)


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