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Tracy Pleschourt Notable Quotes 

“When you see how you unintentionally create something it makes creating something with intention really really easy. ”
Tracy Pleschourt

“Circumstances are not happening to you, they are very neutral. You can actually use circumstances to recognize how you are thinking and how you are feeling unintentionally and intentionally. You can make them work for you no matter what the circumstance is. ”
Tracy Pleschourt


Episode Summary

Tracy Pleschourt has gone through a life-changing journey from being in advertising and marketing to being a life coach who teaches men and women how to be Self-Made.

Her personal journey to lose weight and stop drinking inspired her to found Self-Made U, a life coaching program that helps people learn the critical skills to overcome any obstacle in the way of creating a better and healthier life.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat! 

  • Omar and Lori introduce Tracy Pleschourt (01:31)
  • Tracy talks about how she went from advertising to life coaching (02:30)
    • How Life Coaching and Weight Loss came together (04:55)
  • Where did Tracy’s personal weight loss journey begin (06:50)
    • What is Self-Made U (09:04)
  • Tracy wants people to understand how to handle the feeling of defeat (10:43)
    • What is the next step after recognition? (11:57)
    • Tracy gives a sample of a thought experiment (13:38)
  • Lori asks Tracy how she would talk to someone who’s skeptical about her program (16:21)
    • Tracy provides an example with circumstance and how to recognize and handle it (16:51)
  • Tracy teaches her clients her framework called The Four Basics: SELF (20:20)
    • What S E L F stands for (22:05)
  • Mind Math how this formula helps you understand yourself (24:36)
  • Tracy talks about how Mind Math helped her to stop drinking and lose weight (26:03)
    • How to get over the feeling of deprivation (28:43)
  • Omar asks Tracy about the process of getting over an addiction (31:08)
  • What does being Self-Made mean to Tracy? (34:39)
  • Where to find Tracy and Self-Made online(36:14)


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