The Mindset to Beat the Odds with Amberly Lago!

Amberly Lago

Amberly Lago Beats the Odds with Her Resilient Mindset

Amberly Lago shares her journey from a booming career to beating the odds with 34 surgeries and becoming an inspirational speaker.

Reframe your mindset and beat the odds yourself!


Amberly Lago Notable Quotes

“I did what I could to get as strong as I could, and so I always say, start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.”                                                 – Amberly Lago

“I definitely have moments when it’s heavy for me, but throughout this process, I feel like pain has been my biggest teacher because it has taught me how to get through those hard times and how to tap into my resilience. And the beauty of that is that we can all do that.”
Amberly Lago

“Sometimes, people say things that aren’t so nice. And then you have other people that say something that gives you that glimmer of hope, and you have to hang onto those moments that give you hope, like that 1% chance of saving my leg—that was the moment I hung onto that got me through 34 surgeries.”
Amberly Lago


Episode Summary

            Coming into the new year, let’s take a look at our mindset. There were a lot of tough times and hardships in the past year, and it’s understandable if it’s a little hard to feel more hopeful despite the new year.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!, we have Amberly Lago to talk about resiliency and how we can overcome anything—anything—that we put our minds to. It’s not always easy and not always fun, but it’s always rewarding, and it’s something all of us can accomplish.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Amberly Lago (00:42)
  • Amberly Lago tells her story of resilience and strength (02:40)
    • The accident that changed it all (06:15)
  • If I can do it, you can do this. (10:00)
  • Amberly Lago’s 34 surgeries and complex regional pain syndrome (11:25)
  • Hanging onto those moments of hope (15:20)
  • Pay attention to who you surround yourself with (15:55)
  • Where Amberly is in her recovery today (17:48)
    • Keeping it real, not a highlight reel (18:22)
  • Keeping the weight off to keep the leg safe (22:20)
    • Make decisions not out of fear, but out of faith (25:52)
  • What Amberly’s diet looks like today: focusing on the quality not the quantity of food (27:30)
    • Being able to tell when you don’t eat healthy (29:03)
  • The change that allowed Amberly to let herself become vulnerable (30:00)
    • Vulnerability is not weakness, it’s what leads you to your strength (34:30)
  • Accountability and letting go of vices as coping mechanisms (38:50)
  • Surround yourself with healthy (43:12)


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