The Misunderstood Role of Your Thyroid in Weight Loss!

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How the Thyroid Actually Works and What it Does 

Andrea Beaman Tells Us How We Can Help Our Thyroid Help Us Lose Weight


Andrea Beaman Notable Quotes

“I think we go on these kicks as human beings. We go to this diet and that diet, and all of them work in the beginning because of one common factor: we take out the junk food.”
Andrea Beaman

“I want everybody to be conscious of how the whole body is connected. So when you’re healing your thyroid to lose weight, don’t just look at the thyroid. Look at what you need to do to your system to get it functioning well so that the thyroid gets the energy and support it needs to keep your metabolism moving.”
Andrea Beaman


Episode Summary

The thyroid is one of the organs in the body that some people like to pin the blame on when they’re having a hard time losing weight. But is it really the culprit? To this, Andrea Beaman says, “no!”

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we talk to Holistic Health Coach and Educator Andrea Beaman to give us the specifics on the thyroid—what it actually does and how we can help it to better function properly and help us lose weight.


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Happy Healthy Thyroid by Andrea Beaman


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Get this coupon code for EnergyBits! Use BURNFAT at EnergyBits! (01:46)
  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Andrea Beaman (03:04)
  • Andrea Beaman, her journey, and thyroid health (04:10)
  • The connection between “sluggish thyroid” and weight gain (07:24)
    • The thyroid, the lymphatic system, and stress (08:45)
    • The improper metabolism (11:48)
  • The restrictive perspectives of modern medicine (12:10)
  • The roles of the liver and the gall bladder (14:50)
    • Studies find that people with gall bladder problems have higher chances for thyroid disease (15:40)
  • The sludge that builds up in the liver and gall bladder (17:42)
  • What happens when people don’t have gall bladders (19:25)
    • What happens in a liver fatigue (21:12)
  • What foods can turn our health around (24:55)
  • How Andrea Beaman feels about intermittent fasting (28:42)
  • How intermittent fasting affects the thyroid (31:05)
  • The lymph and the lymphatic system (32:10)
    • The best way to boost your lymphatic system (34:40)
  • Herbal remedies to support weight loss (37:00)
    • Gotu Kola (37:30)
    • Red clover (37:48)
  • The need for fat and not low-fat for a healthy thyroid (39:15)
  • Andrea Beaman’s parting advice (45:55)


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