The Myth of Gaining Weight with Age!

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Look Good and Feel Good in Your 40’s, 50’s, and Even 60’s!

Take Control of Your Health No Matter What Age You’re At


Notable Quotes

“It’s never—to me—about weight loss. It’s about health gain, and in the process, get that [unnecessary] fat stripped away.”
Dian Griesel


Episode Summary

Many people think that when we reach a certain age—say, our 40’s or 50’s, it becomes nigh impossible to lose weight and keep it off. But guess what? That’s not the truth. Weight loss and fat loss don’t have an age limit. Anyone can do it.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we have someone who’s done just that: Dian Griesel. Dian has a Ph. D. in Nutrition, is a best-selling author, perception analyst, and model in her 60’s. She talks about how losing weight, getting healthy, feeling good, and looking great aren’t confined to a certain age group.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dian Griesel (01:04)
  • Dian Griesel and going around the concept of weight loss at age 50 (02:42)
  • An eating style that promoted weight loss (03:48)
  • Dian Griesel and her booming career (05:42)
  • Dian Griesel and her journey into health (07:17)
  • The 3-day promise into the lifetime of lean (11:03)
  • How essential is water to weight loss? (14:32)
  • The role of sugar in insulin levels and weight gain (16:07)
    • Including fruit sugars in the diet (16:58)
  • Excess fructose, inflammation, and fatty liver (18:12)
  • Are grains a necessary part of the diet? (20:33)
  • How to know we’re accomplishing fat loss and not weight loss? (24:30)
  • How important are habits when it comes to changing our weight? (25:24)
  • The first steps to take to get back into health (26:52)
  • Why the health journey is a long haul journey (28:20)
  • Getting older clients through the lifestyle journey when they’re experiencing pain (30:18)
  • The concept of lightning fasting (33:42)
  • Where to find and keep up with what Dian Griesel is doing (36:36)


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