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Reframing the Weight Loss Journey: Sustainable Weight Loss Takes Time

The Wonders of Looking at Life in a Positive Light


Andres Ayesta Notable Quotes

“Research shows that when you’re looking at life from a positive perspective, that affirmation, saying, ‘that is a win,’ it really creates a shift in your mind in the way you’re looking at things. When you, for example, are practicing gratitude…it creates a shift mentally where you’re starting to see yourself with more compassion.”
Andres Ayesta

“I always say that the first and most important thing that they have to start with is they have to become aware of what the problem is.”
Andres Ayesta


Episode Summary

For someone who wants to lose weight, taking the first step can be overwhelming—especially with all the noise out there: someone saying to do one thing and stay away from doing this other thing, all the while someone else swears by doing the exact opposite. Which is right and which is wrong? Who should you listen to and what should you follow?

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to registered dietitian, women’s weight loss expert, host of The Nutrition Blueprint Podcast, and founder of Planos Nutrition, Andres Ayesta to walk us through a blueprint that will surely lead us away from fad diets and quick fixes and onto the right path of healthy, sustainable weight loss.


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The Nutrition Blueprint Podcast by Andres Ayesta


In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Andres Ayesta (02:30)
  • Andres Ayesta, his origin story, and his weight loss business (03:56)
    • The transition to women’s health (08:06)
  • Intermittent fasting: one tool in the arsenal (10:33)
    • How does intermittent fasting aid in losing weight? (11:07)
  • Individual blueprints for individualized nutrition (14:28)
    • Difficulty in losing weight because of the motivation (16:13)
    • A distorted relationship with food (17:30)
  • Tapping into your true potential through mindset (19:00)
  • Reframing the long journey of weight loss (23:09)
    • The habit blueprint challenge (25:25)
    • When we create really good habits, we build good foundations (28:17)
  • How our negative thoughts interfere with our progress (30:08)
    • Looking at life in a positive light (32:20)
    • Holiday feasts: where does all the weight come from? (33:14)
  • How Andres Ayesta addresses the weight loss plateaus (35:13)
    • Drilling down on the things we can control (35:50)
    • Looking at the things out of our control (37:56)
  • The first step to take for someone who really wants to lose weight (39:41)
    • What all the diets have in common (42:52)
  • Where to find and keep up with Andres Ayesta (43:50)


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