The Permanent Weight Loss Plan with Dr. Janice Asher!

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Physician and Author of The Permanent Weight Loss Plan, Dr. Janice Asher Shares How She Lost Weight and Kept It Off

Weight Loss Coming from Different Places: Decide Which Weight Loss Way Works for You


Dr. Janice Asher Notable Quotes

“What I found when I was working with patients was not that they didn’t know what to eat—they don’t need me to tell them that an apple is healthier than apple pie, or that soda is not healthy. They don’t need that. In fact, in the book, which has 27 chapters, only one of them is devoted to what to eat. The rest is about overcoming the ongoing struggle, even battle, between your body, your mind, and your food.”
Dr. Janice Asher

“My advice to people is: eat real food in a healthy way, physically and emotionally, move your body in a healthy way, physically and emotionally, and I promise you, the result will be weight loss and better health.
                                                – Dr. Janice Asher

“That’s what real food is. Things that aren’t in a box. Things where you don’t need a long ingredient list to tell you what it is.”
Dr. Janice Asher

“This can start today. And what this is is ending the chain, ending the self-body-shaming that you can start to feel entitled to feel good about yourself. You deserve this. And every good step you take, however small it is, is one that you should celebrate and congratulate over.”
Dr. Janice Asher

Episode Summary

When you’ve lived your life being taught that you’re not beautiful if you don’t look a certain way, sooner or later, you might start spiraling into body-shaming yourself as you grow to hate your body. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

In this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we’re talking to author and physician, Dr. Janice Asher who faced shame around her body and around food but overcame her struggle with compassion, mindfulness, and a genuine desire to be healthy. Dr. Janice Asher authored the book, The Permanent Weight Loss Plan: A 10-Step Approach to Ending Yo-Yo Dieting with her patient-turned-co-author, Jae Rivera.


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Dr. Janice Asher – Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

The Permanent Weight Loss Plan: A 10-Step Approach to Ending Yo-Yo Dieting by Janice Asher MD, Jae Rivera
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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Dr. Janice Asher (01:32)
  • Janice Asher, who she is and what she does (02:50)
    • Overcoming the battle between the body, mind, and food (04:24)
  • Turning conventional diet advice upside-down (05:41)
  • Co-authors Dr. Janice and Jae coming from different places into their weight loss journey (06:18)
  • How long it took before Dr. Janice and Jae lost weight (07:40)
  • Lori Shemek’s work on inflammation (08:40)
  • It’s never too late to start exercising and start reaping the benefits of exercising (10:10)
  • Janice Asher’s advice for people who want to lose weight (12:51)
  • What Dr. Janice Asher considers as real food (13:33)
  • Why some diets work and why people eventually crash under those diets (15:38)
  • The comfort food cycle of hell (18:05)
  • The fructose in fruit is a hit or miss for some people (20:22)
  • How brain health plays a role in weight loss (22:14)
  • Congratulating yourself when you’re changing and making better, healthier decisions (24:24)
  • Being mindful: responding vs. reacting (25:44)
    • Your habits are worth examining (27:02)
  • What Dr. Janice Asher says to someone addicted to sugar (28:18)
  • Engineering your own environment…along with negotiations (29:37)
  • Willpower is a finite resource (31:35)
  • When it’s too expensive to eat the way Dr. Janice recommends to eat (32:48)
  • Tips on physical activity and movement (34:09)
  • Being your own best advocate and finding your biggest supporters in your life (36:10)
  • Janice Asher’s parting advice (40:35)


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