Diets come and go, and so do the pounds it seems. Many people who struggle with weight have heard all the promises before, but is there a weight loss solution that can last forever?  Forever ever?

Dr. Janice Asher, co-author of The Permanent Weight Loss Plan, joins the show to discuss the idea that it’s not just about the food you eat or don’t eat, it’s about a mindset and lifestyle change.  She explains how she lost weight and kept it off for years without having to adopt another fad diet based on deprivation and restriction, but a holistic system for shedding pounds and maintaining your weight.

In The Permanent Weight Loss Plan, Janice Asher, MD, and Fulbright Open Research Fellow, Jae Rivera, reveal from their own first-hand experiences after collectively losing 170 pounds. Janice and Jae share scientific evidence, personal experiences, and practical insights on how you can successfully reframe your relationship with food.
One of the key points shared is stopping the shame associated with body size, recognizing instances of disordered eating, equipping yourself with the knowledge of what behaviors contribute to lasting weight loss, and making use of proven strategies.