Boost Potential Clients’ Trust Through Third-Party Social Proof

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How Can Health Coaches Benefit from Leveraging PR? 

Choosing the Right Media Outlet to Maximize Results


Lewis Schenk Notable Quotes

“The definition of PR—just to be very simple with it—is public relations. So essentially, how you’re perceived as a business owner, or a brand, or even a health coach by the public and your audience.”
Lewis Schenk

“Regardless of if you’re a [podcast] host or a guest, people just see you as the expert or the authority in [that topic] because you’re the one providing value. It’s like speaking on a stage to a thousand people, but it’s done virtually through a medium that they can watch as many times as they want afterwards. It is incredibly powerful.”
Lewis Schenk

“As long as you know what you’re doing actually works, if you genuinely know that the work you do help and will help when done correctly, you’re doing them a disservice if you don’t work with them.”
Lewis Schenk


Episode Summary

Any entrepreneur in any field would want to cut through the noise and rise above the crowd. One way to do that is to establish their authority on whatever it is they’re selling—be it a product like a fitness drink or a service like health coaching.

In this episode of Health coach Academy, we’re talking to Boost Media Agency Founder Lewis Schenk to talk about the power of third party social proof and how it can help us health coaches establish ourselves as the leading experts in the field.


Relevant Links

Lewis Schenk | Instagram | Website

Boost Media | Website


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Lewis Schenk (01:16)
  • Lewis Schenk, his background, and how he came into the world of PR (03:25)
  • Pivoting the business to accommodate Covid (05:35)
  • What is PR and how can it benefit health coaches? (09:38)
  • A PR strategy for a health coach (11:05)
  • Some media are more effective than others (12:26)
  • How popular podcasting has become (12:58)
  • Should we work on the brand before delving into PR? (14:21)
  • Being selective with who to work with (15:48)
  • Hungry for features and stories (17:45)
  • Leveraging PR on a local level (19:55)
  • Being known beyond your brand (21:03)
  • Where to find and keep in touch with Lewis Schenk (26:56)


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