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Heart Rate Variability and Its Role in Our Health

Fluctuations in Heart Rate Variability: Different Factors Affect Different People


Notable Quotes

“I would say that the ‘health care system’ is more like the ‘sick care system.’ We are waiting for people to get sick and then we treat them heroically with expensive medicine and lots of resources. The best thing would be to avoid getting sick.”
Dr. Torkil Færø


Episode Summary

When establishing a baseline for our health, data is crucial. As health coaches, data is a powerful resource that can help us help our clients achieve the results that they want. Unfortunately, not all of us have access to a myriad of lab testing, but worry not—we have access to technology that can provide us with actionable data: wearables.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to the best-selling author of The Pulse Cure, Dr. Torkil Færø to walk us through the importance of keeping track of our heart rate variability to improve our overall health.


Relevant Links

            Dr. Torkil FærøWebsite | Instagram | Facebook

            The Pulse Cure: The Revolutionary New Way to Balance Stress, Optimize Health, and Live Longer (2024) by Dr. Torkil Færø


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Dr. Torkil Færø (00:30)
  • Using biomarkers to monitor health and pinpoint problem areas (03:33)
  • The biggest biomarkers to watch out for (07:43)
  • How food affects our heart rate variability (10:31)
    • More shocking factors that affect our heart rate and its variability (12:34)
  • A factor that the majority are unknowingly affected by (14:12)
  • Biomarker monitoring devices keep track of heart rate variability (16:12)
  • Are there any detrimental effects to wearing wearable tracking tech? (18:08)
  • How Dr. Torkil Færø stumbled into the world of heart rate variability and wearable trackers (22:36)
  • Surprising discoveries Dr. Torkil Færø made while studying heart rate variability (24:20)
  • How does coffee affect people and heart rate variability? (28:58)
  • How fasting presents itself on the heart rate tracking graph (32:20)
  • Can you train and get better at health-promoting practices? (36:09)
  • Where to find Dr. Torkil Færø and his book, The Pulse Cure (39:22)


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