Serving an Unserved Need We Once Had

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The Importance of Expressing Our Humanity as Health Coaches

The Niche is More for Our Clients Than for Us


Ren Jones Notable Quotes

“It’s important that you express your humanity as best you can as a coach because that’s why people are going to hire you…people hire us based on our humanity, and they justify with our credentials and our track record.”
Ren Jones

“I think that great coaches are serving a need that they had at one point in their lives that went unserved.
                                                – Ren Jones


Episode Summary

As health coaches, we want to get ourselves out there and help as many people as we possibly can. But the thing is, when we try to help everyone, we’ll just end up helping no one. This is where niching down comes into the scene. While many of us health coaches are hesitant about niching down, but in reality, it actually helps our ideal clients to find us more easily.

In this episode of Health Coach Academy, we’re talking to one of the pioneers of online health coaching Ren Jones of Fitness Jones Training to shed some light on why we should seriously consider niching down and what niching down does for both us and our clients.


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            Ren Jones – Website | Instagram | Facebook | Email


In this Episode of Health Coach Academy

  • Omar introduces the episode’s guest, Ren Jones (01:45)
  • Free Copywriting + Podcasting Webinar with Natalie Gensits & Omar Cumberbatch (02:39)
  • How to Create a Business-Boosting Podcast For Health Coaches by Omar Cumberbatch (04:12)
  • Ren Jones and his origin story: who he is and how he came into his niche (05:24)
  • The importance of expressing our humanity as health coaches (10:30)
  • The first step Ren Jones took into becoming a personal trainer (11:35)
    • Piecing together a new, sustainable business model that offered results (13:50)
  • Taking on health and fitness entrepreneurship (15:12)
    • Overcoming the impostor syndrome (17:15)
  • The initial reception to fitness services offered online (19:35)
    • A thorough, well-respected payment process (20:34)
    • YouTube clips of exercises (21:28)
    • Old school booking appointments (22:41)
    • Building clients through a Facebook Giveaway (23:37)
  • The start of Ren Jones niching down (25:54)
    • Serving a need we had at one point in our lives (29:16)
  • Where each of our niches lies (30:40)
    • Niching down is not for us, it’s for our potential clients (31:29)
  • The benefits of niching down (33:41)
  • Ren Jones, his work, and his services (35:36)
  • Where to find and keep up with Ren Jones (37:33)


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