How many people have you met that readily admit that they are addicted to food? Perhaps it’s because they don’t even recognize that they are. People usually associate addiction to drugs, but addiction has many forms and food isn’t exempt from it.

So a common mistake that people might have is relying on a diet that provides a temporary fix and never addressing what the root cause of weight gain is. This may lead to recognizing that food addiction is a part of the equation and needs to be treated like any other addiction.

We invited Dr. Cali Estes to the show to discuss how prevalent food addiction is. Dr. Cali Estes is a#1 Best Selling Author plus a highly sought after Celebrity/Addiction Coach with over 23 years of treating food, alcohol, and drug addictions. 

Listen in as we discuss:

  • What some of the most common underlying reasons that lead to food addictions are.
  • What the biggest difference in treating eating addictions vs drug and alcohol addictions.
  • The role sugar plays in certain food addictions.
  • Who should the listeners turn to if they struggle with food addictions, and
  • The percentage of people who struggle with weight and dieting when they are in fact addicted to food.

To listen to the show, click the link below!