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Is Eating Healthy Without Dieting Possible? Yes!

What’s Your Body Trying to Tell You? 

Victoria Yates Notable Quotes 

“We don’t have to be perfect at eating to be healthy.”

Victoria Yates

“We are whole beings… We can’t just focus on ‘Eat this, Exercise like this.’ We have to think of ourselves as a whole.”
Victoria Yates

“When we focus on weight loss as the number one goal that we’re working towards it negatively impacts our ability to eat intuitively.”
Victoria Yates

Episode Summary

With so many Diets and contradictory eating advice out there staying healthy can be a challenging ordeal. Should we eat more or less of certain things? How can we truly know if a Diet will make us healthy?

In this episode our guest Victoria Yates shares with us what she’s learned about dieting from her experience as a registered Nurse and Intuitive Eating Counselor. She helps us understand what our body is telling us and why we should listen.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat! 

  • Omar and Lori introduce the episode’s guest, Victoria Yates (01:00)
  • Victoria Yates, from being a nurse to getting into health and wellness (03:00)
    • Health and Wellness influences from Victorias youth (03:55)
  • What causes the confusion with dieting (05:25)
  • Victoria tells us what Intuitive Eating is all about (07:35)
    • Why we need to think of ourselves as a Whole (09:37)
  • The underlying factors that diet culture doesn’t acknowledge (10:52)
  • Listening to your body leads you to Intuitive Eating (13:51)
    • Weightloss should take the passengers seat (14:25)
  • What Victoria thinks about the mental struggle with food obsession (16:30)
  • Victoria’s opinion on food that we are told to avoid (18:28)
    • The end goal of Intuitive Eating (19:42)
  • Does food have morality? (20:25)
  • How to handle your food cravings (21:44)
  • Victoria further explains how Intuitive Eating works (22:59)
    • Satisfaction is important to what we eat (24:25)
  • The first steps to appreciating your self image (25:37)
  • Victoria’s final thoughts and advice (28:27)
  • Where to find Victoria online (30:15)


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