The Root Causes of Overeating with Deborah Kesten 

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Deborah Kesten Talks About Her Book, Whole Person Integrative Eating

Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Overeating


Deborah Kesten Notable Quotes

“Most people of the last two generations, many don’t know what fresh, whole, real food is, and they don’t know what to do with it. I think it’s a cultural phenomenon.”
Deborah Kesten

“Coming back to the concept of dietary lifestyle—which is what whole person integrative eating is—when Socrates was living, the word diet meant, “way of life,” and over the millennia, over the centuries, it travelled through Europe to mean what it means now, which is a regimented, rigid, strict way of eating.”
Deborah Kesten


Episode Summary

Now, we’ve heard of emotional eating and how it can lead to weight gain and even obesity. But negative emotions aren’t the only causes of overeating. There are a lot of reasons why, some of them being the way that we eat, the food that we eat, and even our lifestyles.

I this episode of This Podcast Burns Fat, we have author and researcher Deborah Kesten to talk about the reasons and styles of overeating and how we can rearrange our lifestyle and our way of eating to correct and avoid overeating and maintain our health.


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In this Episode of This Podcast Burns Fat!

  • Lori introduces the episode’s guest, Deborah Kesten (00:35)
  • Deborah Kesten, her journey, and her book, Whole Person Integrative Eating (01:45)
    • Bhagavad Gita (04:44)
    • Nutrition journey around the world (05:48)
  • Whole person integrative eating: ancient food wisdom meets modern nutritional science (07:00)
  • Discoveries of weight loss (07:58)
    • Biological, psychological, spiritual, and social nutrition (10:20)
  • The 7 styles of overeating (13:22)
    • Emotional eating (13:38)
    • Food fretting (16:30)
    • The boom of processed food (19:10)
    • The sharp decline of home cooking (19:50)
  • The link between solo dining and weight gain (23:04)
    • The original meaning of the word “diet” (24:05)
    • Eat with other people digitally (29:10)
  • Relaxed restraint (31:48)
  • The first steps to take into the whole person integrated eating (33:18)
    • Mindfulness eating (35:20)
  • Where to find and get in touch with Deborah Kesten (39:30)


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